You’re looking for an IT position, and you’ve probably thought about using a specialized recruiter to help with your search. All recruiters promise to find you ideal jobs with great benefits and high compensation, but how do you know which have your best interest at heart?

We came up with a list of six attributes you should pay attention to when evaluating an IT recruiter. Seeking these attributes should ensure you’re being matched to jobs that fit your needs and interests. We were inspired to create this list by looking at our own outstanding team of IT recruiters who interact with candidates and clients daily. We believe that any good IT recruiter should:

1. Be Knowledgeable About the Job Description

The recruiter should have extensive knowledge about the job description and be able to give you specific details to ensure that the position is a good fit for you.

2. Be Genuinely Interested in Learning More About You

The recruiter should seek to learn as much as he or she can about you. Learning your personality, hobbies, or work habits will help the recruiter place you in a position that maximizes your success.

3. Work Around Your Schedule

Many times, candidates start the job hunt while already at a stable job. Good recruiters understand that it can be challenging to have an interview or talk about another position while at work, so they work with your schedule to find the best time to communicate with you.

4. Keep Constant Communication With the Employer

The only way a recruiter can answer all your questions and match you to your ideal job is by maintaining a great relationship with your potential employer. It is the recruiter’s job to bridge the gap between you and the employer.

5. Explain The Process in Detail

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, he or she should take the time to explain the entire process to you and prepare you for what’s ahead.

6. Follow Up with You Throughout the Entire Process

You should be able to rely on your recruiter to address any concerns or questions that arise during the process. The recruiter should guide you through the process, ensuring that your needs are met and the employer is kept up-to-date.

There are many steps that need to be taken to fill a job for a client, but because recruiters play a part in helping you advance your career and reaching a higher level of work or financial satisfaction, the recruiter’s main priorities should also focus on your best interests.