In the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, for the first time, digital risks (cyberattacks, data fraud or theft) have risen to Numbers 3 and 4 in the “Top 10 Risks by Likelihood,” following extreme weather events and natural disasters.

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Companies Struggle to Keep Up with the Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape

IT teams are harder pressed than ever to prevent breach and other cybersecurity incidents. With limited bandwidth and other urgent priorities, however, the 24x7x365 monitoring needed to keep modern businesses secure just isn’t possible for most internal departments.

Keeping cybersecurity operations in-house is quickly becoming less feasible for most businesses. Maintaining a full cybersecurity staff that enables round-the-clock incident detection and response comes with high costs and complexities:

Adapture Managed SIEM Changes the Way Companies Approach Cybersecurity Protection

You don’t need to hire the W-2 expertise needed to staff your cybersecurity team for round-the-clock protection—Adapture has the expertise and the cutting-edge tools needed to do it for you. Backed by both AI and human intuition, Adapture Managed SIEM acts as an extension of your team, no matter when or where.

Adapture Managed SIEM helps you to:

  • Quickly identify current vulnerabilities in existing systems
  • Continuously scan systems and proactively hunt threats
  • Prioritize remediation based on customizable potential business impacts
  • Obtain a complete picture of assets and threats along with on-demand remediation guidance
  • Around the clock eyes-on-glass monitoring of network traffic
  • Unlimited recording of logs and lightweight agent
  • Continuous cloud infrastructure and activity monitoring
  • Dedicated concierge security teams powered by Adapture and Abacode provide 24x7x365 incident support
  • Real-time escalation with dynamic custom rule engine
  • Containment of incidents before they impact your networks
  • Seamless extension of your Security Operations team with named Concierge Security Team combined with Hybrid AI

… no matter when they happen, or who is (or isn’t) at the helm.

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