Adapture offers software consolidation services. Our experts evaluate and address software redundancies, making a clear plan for future software implementation. Adapture assesses the licenses your company currently holds, find redundancies or unused software, and consolidates applicable contracts.

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Software Consolidation Services

As businesses grow—organically or through M&A—software licenses can becoming unmanageable. As a business becomes more complex, it can become more difficult to keep track of the software licenses it holds and who uses them. The problem becomes more pronounced if your business is going through or has recently undergone a merger or acquisition. Each business unit involved has its own software licenses, which leads to redundancies and unnecessary expenses for the holding company overall.

Assess Licenses

The first step in software consolidation is knowing what licenses you have and what services you need. Adapture audits your current contracts to see the number of licenses, who they are with, and what they are for.

Find Software Redundancies

Adapture then assesses the licenses to determine which services overlap. Whether your business is paying twice for the same service, for redundant services, or for services that it does not use, Adapture can find redundancies that are costing your business.

Consolidate Contracts

When assets are slated for decommissioning, Adapture will attain the proper OEM credits on the contracts and facilitate asset disposal or consignment. We will work with the OEM to add any new equipment to existing co-termed contracts, and credits will appear immediately in the new acquisition support line items.

Software Consolidation Services from Adapture

Software consolidation is a hassle, so it’s important to choose a provider who can manage to the challenges. That’s where Adapture can help.

Adapture is a certified partner of the leading software providers and is committed to creating business efficiency and cost savings. With our wide range of services, we can find and fix redundancies, helping you find solutions that fit your business.

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