In an ever-evolving threat landscape wherein cybersecurity has become the top priority for many IT organizations, Cloudflare has established itself as one of the most adopted platforms for application security, performance, and zero-trust services for distributed workforces.

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Managed Cloudflare Services Offer a Responsive and Visible Solution

But as IT departments strive to do more with less, do you have the resources to manage your Cloudflare environment full time? Managed Cloudflare solutions by Adapture are designed to take some of the stress off your enterprise security team. Adapture fully manages your Cloudflare environment, optimizing it to protect your business’ assets in a responsive, visible way.

With managed Cloudflare services, our certified solutions architects and engineers work to implement best practices in your Cloudflare environment. We offer a tailored, hands-on approach to cybersecurity to better protect your company’s data while enabling your team to focus on other initiatives.

A proven, phased approach