Whether you’re staffing for a short-term project or looking for a key executive, Adapture can connect you with the right candidate. Our Adapture Talent Managers help you improve productivity, maximize profitability, and improve the efficiency of your business.

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Finding Your Next Hire

Adapture offers permanent, contract-to-permanent, or contract staffing solutions. Our team of experienced recruiting veterans work with your team to find the right candidate for your company based on expertise, education, and cultural fit.

Contract employees are optimal for companies with critical project deadlines or peak periods. With contract/temporary employees from Adapture, you can:

  • Eliminate costs of payroll and benefits, often up to 30% of a full-time employee’s salary package.
  • Improve production with temporary employees that are trained and ready to hit the ground running.
  • Reduce burden on your full-time employees; improve performance and morale by giving them back the time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Working with Contract Employees

Sudden growth and an increase in workload are great things for your company’s success−but they place strain on your team. For temporary spikes in demand, hiring full-time employees doesn’t make sense with the high overhead costs of adding a permanent member to your team. Contract hires help you alleviate strain during:

Seasonal Demands

Many industries have a peak season they need help to push through, but the rest of the year remains manageable with your current team members. A contract hire helps your team through the busy season, whether it’s tax time or the peak of holiday marketing.

One-Time Projects

Because your full-time team needs to manage their standard workload on top of the responsibilities of a new system (whether data entry or additional training), the extra help will fill in the gaps.

Specialty Projects

Your team doesn’t just need an extra set of hands when rolling out a new technology or a unique project; they need guidance and creativity from an expert. Once the process is in place, the full-time team will be able to carry on without the specialist.

Permanent employees are optimal for companies looking to grow and sustain their team with full-time members. Some benefits of using Adapture to find your next permanent team member:

  • Find the best candidates – even the passive candidates who are not actively looking and won’t respond to job postings but will take a recruiter’s call.
  • Save money with a solution that takes on your total cost of advertising, recruiting, and lost production time.

With a large referral network of qualified professionals, Adapture works with your team and your hiring managers to find the best fit based on experience, education, and cultural fit.

Whether you’re looking for a detail-oriented Accountant that would join in on team karaoke night or a CMO happy to bring clients to the golf course, the Adapture team has the professional network and the hiring expertise to help you find them.

Direct Hiring vs Contract

Hiring contract has its benefits, but there’s a reason direct hires are more commonplace. While contract hires can give you flexibility and more time to decide to make a candidate a permanent addition to your team, direct hiring:

Ensures You Retain Top Talent

Don’t lose highly qualified candidates to competitors. Top talent is always in high demand, and the longer you wait to make a permanent offer, the more time your top candidates have to look for stronger guarantees of a full-time, permanent position.

Enables Stronger Teams

Making a direct hire ensures your new employee is focused on not just succeeding in their responsibilities; it also ensures your new team member is focused on becoming a part of the team by building relationships and fitting into your company culture.

Optimizes Recruiting Investment

Going back to the beginning of the recruitment process is arduous. Making direct hires means you spend less time sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and negotiating offers.

Contract-to-permanent employees are optimal for companies that want a low-risk option for hiring full-time employees. With contract-to-hire employees from Adapture, you can:

  • Avoid investing in the wrong candidate; maximize your company’s profitability while minimizing risk.
  • Take your time to assess whether the candidate is a good fit, both technically and in personality.
  • Onboard employees quickly without getting tied up in a tedious internal hiring process.

Hiring contract-to-permanent employees enables you to test your new position before deciding if your company has only a temporary demand or if you need a permanent addition to your team. You won’t know if your team needs to grow permanently until you solve the immediate problem for an over-capacity team.

Finding Talent in the Gig Economy

Some companies are hesitant to hire contract instead of permanent, full-time employees. While the pros of hiring contract-to-permanent outweigh the cons, hiring managers hesitate to hire talent on a contract basis because of these fears:


Some companies don’t know how to properly approach the paperwork and contracts for these contract workers, resulting in mishandling of the legal details. To easily overcome these concerns, consider using a hiring agency to guide you through the process instead. They’ll know exactly what paperwork you need and will take care of the HR side of things for you.


Since contractors know they might only be working at this company for a short time, managers fear that they might be keeping an eye out for a more guaranteed opportunity. Some employers have reported a freelancer moved on because of new interests or opportunities and then needed to be replaced.
This is another concern that can be alleviated easily with a staffing agency. The employee knows he or she can get his or her next job through the agency and will be less likely to leave before a decision is made. As the employer, you will be able to find a qualified replacement quickly from your agency’s pool of candidates.

Find the Talent You Need−Even When They’re Not Looking

Sometimes online job postings just won’t cut it–the best candidates are often those who are currently employed. The folks who are out excelling in their current role are truly the top tier types of candidates you want on your team. Unfortunately, many of these people might not be looking for new jobs.

Adapture connects regularly with our network of professionals to see if they’re happy in their current roles, potentially interested in making a move from contract to a permanent position once their time is up, or if they’ve connected with other professionals who might be a good fit for one of our clients’ open roles. We’ve already built referral relationships, so you don’t need to start from the ground up to build your own recruiting program.

Working with the Right Staffing Agency

With a large network of experienced professionals in Technology, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources, and more, the Adapture staffing experts save you time finding the right fit. We work with your team to find highly qualified candidates according to your requirements and company culture.

Find out more on how Adapture can help you find qualified candidates experienced in:

Don’t waste time wading through piles of resumes on your own. The Adapture Talent team will help you cut through the fluff and find the best hires for your company.

Client and Candidate Testimonials

“Great management, friendship, and overall culture! A  casual vibe. I love how they have one-on-one outings to get a better feel and connection with their employees/co-workers. The communication is excellent. The company did great on the job placement. The company that I work for is a very welcoming company. I will indeed refer future employees to this great company.”

Gerald Lilly, Consultant

“Professional and first class service – My recruiter found the perfect job for me! She really listens and gives fantastic advice. Throughout the entire process she supported me, called me to see how each stage of the interview went and was prompt in following up. I am extremely happy in my new role now. I highly recommend Adapture, they were amazing to work with.”

Aaron, Tax Coordinator

“Adapture worked closely with me and we secured a position within a week of the initial interview. My recruiter was professional and engaged every step of the way. I appreciated his quick follow-up to any questions or issues. This was the right time and the right job. I would highly recommend Adapture.”

Cynthia, Team Lead – Database Administrators for the State’s largest insurance company

“Working with Adapture was a pleasure. They are very responsive to my needs and took the time to perfectly match my skill sets to a great local company in need of my services. I highly recommend them to any company looking for help in finding the right technical candidate or for any technician wanting assistance in finding the right company for a career. Adapture truly is a match maker of technical needs with technical know-how.”

Jerry, Network Administrator

“We appreciate your commitment to our business. Adapture has demonstrated a unique knowledge of the VAR industry and it definitely shows in how you service our account and the type of candidates you provide to us. Too often, we see resumes or have interviews with potential new hires that just don’t fit into what the VAR community is all about – but Adapture cuts through that for us and I can count on receiving a short list of qualified people. Your team has been able to do that for us not just for our contractor needs, but also for our full-time employees. This saves a significant amount of time and effort – allowing me to find a good fit quickly without as much pain. You are always quick to respond – even after hours – and I can trust that you will get it done. So thank you for your commitment to us and we appreciate how easy it is to work with you!”

Craig, Director of Professional Services

“So far my interactions with Adapture have been great. Adapture has been easy to get in contact with and pleasant to talk to. I look forward to reviewing the candidates we receive.”

Anonymous, Hiring Manager

“I can’t say enough about how hard Adapture worked to find the right fit for our team. They were flexible, dedicated, and never gave up when we needed help.  In the past we’ve hired other recruiters who would then attempt to poach our own employees. They’ve also recommended people who aren’t the right fit.  My recruiter is on the other end of the spectrum. She is focused only on helping us find great people, not adding to her recruiting contact list. She is focused on understanding the specific needs of our open positions, not selling us on someone who isn’t a fit. I trust Adapture and look forward to using them again.”

Willis, Hiring Manager

“I was contacted by Adapture several months ago shortly after a key teammate left for another opportunity. Within the span of a 30-minute phone call, the Adapture team had a thorough understanding of our needs and had candidates ready for interview. I hired an extremely strong candidate three days later. I highly recommend Adapture for a quick turnaround, outstanding follow-through, and delivery of quality results in your recruiting search.”

Tim, Director of Information Technology

“I have worked with Adapture for over five years as a hiring manager as well as a job candidate. My recruiter is dedicated to her clients like a business partner and she is determined to help you find just the right person for your organization. My recruiter works hard to build relationships in the tech community and she will bring in candidates that you won’t find elsewhere. Her customer service, communication, and diligence set her apart from others. You won’t find anyone better than Adapture to provide the candidates your business needs to succeed!”

Michael, Senior Software Engineer
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