For the majority of people, interviewing can be a dreadful, intimidating experience. However, preparing yourself beforehand can actually help you make this experience pleasant and rewarding. The truth is, every interviewer is hoping to find the perfect candidate and put an end to the tedium of interviewing, so be ready to showcase your talents and land that dream job. Here are six interview musts to take into consideration for your next interview:

1. Be prepared

Allocate a few hours the day before to gather all the necessary materials (ample copies of your resume, cover letter, certifications, etc). Do your research about the company and the position, and make sure you are ready to have a conversation with the employer about company accomplishments, what’s expected of you, and why hiring you would be a smart decision.

 2. Have a strong pitch

A pitch is a 30-60 second overview of your top skills and talents and how they would help you in the position you are interviewing for. Make sure your pitch is authentic and realistic while keeping it short and to the point.

 3. Be enthusiastic

Go into the interview as if that is the only job you are interested in. The best way to show enthusiasm is to be knowledgeable about the position and explain why you would be a good fit.

 4. Rehearse your interview

Make a list of the typical questions most interviewers ask and practice giving your best answer to each of those questions. Check out our sample interview questions to get started. Practicing will increase your confidence and decrease your stress level.

 5. Demonstrate perseverance

Perseverance is critical in any job. Be ready to articulate your value by giving specific examples of how you stayed tenacious in previous job functions.

 6. Follow up

Regardless of whether you think the interview was a success or not, you should always send a thank-you note within 24 hours. Sending a thank you email to all the people who interviewed you shows your interest in the position.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Prepare, practice and showcase your talents. Give yourself the best chance for getting that job offer by utilizing the six interview musts provided by the ADAPTURE Talent experts!