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The Anatomy of DDoS Attacks

The Anatomy of DDoS Attacks: an E-Book by Adapture Detecting and Responding to DDoS Threats When mainstream code exploits and data infiltration fails, some hackers resort to a [...]


Managed Endpoint Solutions

All-in-One Protection for Devices, Data, and People Powered by Avast with the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection network in the world, Adapture Managed Endpoint Solutions deliver superior, enterprise-grade [...]


Building a Well-Architected Cloud

A Comprehensive Guide to the Five Pillars of Cloud If you’re not measuring your cloud performance according to industry standards, you could be leaving your environments open to inefficiencies [...]


Clearing Up the Cloud

A Comprehensive Strategy Guide for Evaluating the Future of Your Infrastructure. “Cloud is better.” You have probably heard this on numerous occasions from varying sources. Yet, peppered within the [...]


Securing the Cloud

A Comprehensive Guide to Security Best Practices in a Shared Responsibility Model. No one wants to be the next big breach—to get hacked and have private data plastered across [...]


Proactive Cisco Services

Utilize SMARTnet Total Care to Increase Visibility into Your Cisco Environment A Datasheet by Adapture Cisco SMARTnet Total Care makes contract and device lifecycle management more efficient and effective. With [...]


2021 Guide to Secure Remote Users

How to Improve Collaboration and Secure Network Operations For the Future Over the last year, companies around the globe rapidly deployed remote users with essentially little to no preparation. Following [...]


Shape Enterprise Defense Solution Overview

Prevent sophisticated fraud and cyberattacks on web and mobile applications Web and mobile applications face an onslaught of sophisticated attacks with one commonality; instead of exploiting application vulnerabilities, attackers abuse [...]


Attacker Economics

Understanding Economics Behind Cyber Attacks- What Makes Your Company a Prime Target? Automated attacks are proliferating against organizations around the globe. As the cost and investment of launching these attacks [...]


NetApp Data Migration Services Datasheet

NetApp Data Migration Services – Datasheet NetApp offers data migration services to help you get it right the first time. When moving from legacy storage environments, they offer proven methodologies [...]


Security Features in ONTAP 9 Datasheet

Security Features in ONTAP 9 Datasheet With the introduction of ONTAP 9, NetApp has continued to evolve its data management software with security as an integral part. The latest releases [...]