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Recognize the Threat No Matter How Small the Traffic Increase

The ADAPTURE cybersecurity experts lay out how to recognize impending threats and what to do if you’re already under attack in this free guide to DDoS attacks. Is your organization prepared with a threat detection and response plan?


The Anatomy of DDoS Attacks

The Anatomy of DDoS Attacks: an E-Book by ADAPTURE Detecting and Responding to DDoS Threats When mainstream code exploits and data infiltration fails, some hackers resort to a different form of cyberattack. Distributed Denial of Service (or DDoS) attacks are often deployed by individual hackers, organized crime rings, and select agencies that are looking [...]


Managed Endpoint Solutions

All-in-One Protection for Devices, Data, and People Powered by Avast with the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection network in the world, ADAPTURE Managed Endpoint Solutions deliver superior, enterprise-grade protection that keeps small and medium-sized businesses safe from today's threats—and tomorrow's. There's safety in numbers. Companies shouldn't navigate the cybersecurity landscape on their data [...]


Building a Well-Architected Cloud

Building a Well-Architected Cloud: an E-Book by ADAPTURE A Comprehensive Guide to the Five Pillars of Cloud If you're not measuring your cloud performance according to industry standards, you could be leaving your environments open to inefficiencies and security risks, like Shadow IT and rogue instances. Ultimately, you need standardized benchmarks to determine if your [...]


Clearing Up the Cloud

Clearing Up the Cloud: an E-Book by ADAPTURE A Comprehensive Strategy Guide for Evaluating the Future of Your Infrastructure. “Cloud is better.” You have probably heard this on numerous occasions from varying sources. Yet, peppered within the accolades, you still come across certain levels of mistrust and skepticism. We want to set the cloud [...]


How to Plan for a Wireless Assessment

How to Plan for a Wireless Assessment: an E-Book by ADAPTURE A Comprehensive Guide for Leaders at All Levels. When you hear the phrase “wireless assessment,” a few thoughts immediately spring to mind: daunting, time consuming, labor intensive, and—worst of all—potential for mistakes. Conducting a large-scale wireless assessment is completely different than setting up [...]


Securing the Cloud

Securing the Cloud: an E-Book by ADAPTURE A Comprehensive Guide to Security Best Practices in a Shared Responsibility Model. No one wants to be the next big breach—to get hacked and have private data plastered across the internet. As many of us have seen, even one cloud-based hack can severely alter the trajectory of [...]


Proactive Cisco Services

Utilize SMARTnet Total Care to Increase Visibility into Your Cisco Environment A Datasheet by ADAPTURE Cisco SMARTnet Total Care makes contract and device lifecycle management more efficient and effective. With this free tool, your organization can easily manage contracts, stay up to date across your devices, and more. Learn how your organization can take [...]


Supporting SHA1 and SHA2 in the Same Virtual Server

Supporting SHA1 and SHA2 in the Same Virtual Server Using F5 Networks' Local Traffic Manager A Whitepaper by ADAPTURE F5 CTS, Tim Cullen This whitepaper explains the design behind the support for SHA1 and SHA2 within the same virtual server using F5 Networks' Local Traffic Manager and illustrates the steps necessary for creating this [...]


Ease Your IT Burden with Intelligent Storage

Ease Your IT Burden with Intelligent Storage Eliminate Manual Storage Troubleshooting with AI and Predictive Analytics Today's IT managers are spending more time managing storage volumes than actually optimizing data for business advantage. With 31% of IT teams spending 21 hours (and sometimes more) a week on data housekeeping, your critical engineers are being [...]


2021 Guide to Secure Remote Users

2021 Guide to Secure Remote Users: an E-Book by ADAPTURE How to Improve Collaboration and Secure Network Operations For the Future Over the last year, companies around the globe rapidly deployed remote users with essentially little to no preparation. Following 2020,72% of organizations expect greater resilience and agility to be byproducts of the pandemic [...]


Shape Enterprise Defense Solution Overview

Shape Enterprise Defense Solution Overview Whitepaper Prevent sophisticated fraud and cyberattacks on web and mobile applications Web and mobile applications face an onslaught of sophisticated attacks with one commonality; instead of exploiting application vulnerabilities, attackers abuse an application’s functionality. Shape Enterprise Defense goes beyond traditional bot mitigation. By defending the world’s largest companies for [...]


Attacker Economics

Attacker Economics E-Book Understanding Economics Behind Cyber Attacks- What Makes Your Company a Prime Target? Automated attacks are proliferating against organizations around the globe. As the cost and investment of launching these attacks continues to plummet, companies are increasingly experiencing credential stuffing attacks that can lead to account takeover and fraud. Attackers leverage automation [...]


Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools

Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools E-Book Understand and Disrupt Sophisticated Attackers Who Retool Against Your Countermeasures From the stereotypical loner in the basement to organized criminal gangs and nation states, attackers have become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade. They have the same skills, tools, and services at their fingertips as [...]


NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Managed Service Datasheet

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Managed Service - Datasheet The world of cloud storage is rapidly evolving. Organizations are moving to the cloud for its robust scalability, flexibility, and agility. As organizations move data to the cloud, they need to manage it efficiently while meeting strict compliance requirements. With NetApp's new solution - Cloud Volumes [...]