6 Benefits of Finding Top Talent Through a Tech Vendor

When it comes time to hire in your IT department, resumes can be daunting. Sure, maybe you know what qualifications would be a great asset to your team’s current needs, but how can you rest assured the skills you’re seeking today will still be necessary and relevant in the future? This is where it can truly pay off to bring your tech vendor into the loop of your hiring process. Here are some important reasons why a tech expert can save you time, headache, and money when finding your next superstar candidate.

1. Knows your needs

You’ve worked with your tech vendor before, and they already know the members of your team. If you’re looking to grow your IT department, why would you start from ground zero? They’ve seen where your team might be stretched thin, and they know how you plan to grow your technology systems, so they can ensure prospective candidates will fulfill your organization’s needs both now and in the future.

2. Fits your company culture

Your tech vendor has already worked closely with the teams in-house, so they can readily convey your culture to potential new hires. For example, some companies work well with flexible scheduling, while others need employees to be online at certain times. When you start with a hire who wants the culture you provide, you’re more likely to have someone who will stick around for the long haul.

3. Understands industry requirements

Because your tech vendor is already a tech expert (otherwise, they wouldn’t be your vendor!), they will know the industry standards and be able to vet potential candidates more readily than someone not familiar with the ins and outs of your company’s technology systems.


Whether you’re hiring a cloud specialist, app developer, or cybersecurity analyst, be confident you’re getting sourcing candidates with the correct required certifications by working with a technology vendor. While certification may not be the only factor in someone’s capabilities, it does indicate a level of familiarity with a platform. If you want someone who can jump right into work, you should consider a candidate with a specific level of certification.

A tech talent agency keeps up with the best certifications for each platform, so they’ll know which level is necessary for your role.

Years of experience

Your technology vendor has an idea about the management structure within the company and the level of experience of other teammates. When they act as your talent agency, they’ll be able to find you someone who fits right in with the tenure.

Since technology moves faster than the education system, a hire with less experience may not be a problem, either. Trust your technology vendor to find someone that perfectly fits the role you’re looking to fill.

Platform knowledge

Along with certifications and years of experience, you will want candidates that understand your platform: whether that’s Microsoft, Google, AWS, Cisco, or any other. It’s not enough to hire someone with a Computer Science degree and 10 years of experience: if they have never worked in your environment before, they won’t be a good fit. Your technology vendor already knows the ins and outs of your network infrastructure, so they can find you someone who will be able to handle it.

Always current on industry trends

Technology is always changing, and some tech roles require more future-thinking than others. For example, your cybersecurity roles need to be filled with candidates who see hackers coming before they can get to you by reading tech news, subscribing to industry publications, and more.

Your technology vendor does that too, so they’ll be aware of what kinds of things you’re looking for in an ideal candidate.

4. Industry-specific candidates

Tech-specific talent agencies provide tech-specific candidates. Those candidates are looking for great opportunities and a team that recognizes their specific abilities. Generic talent agencies have databases full of candidates that won’t work for your company, but tech talent agencies are looking at candidates that know exactly what they want: tech jobs for a local organization.

You already get random applications online, so trust an industry-specific agency to find you the best candidates for your specific role.

5. Contract-to-hire options

This lets you have a “working interview” and see how the applicant works on the team without committing to full-time hire. A candidate may not perform their best in that initial interview, causing you to miss out on someone who could be the perfect fit. Or you could lose a lot of money through onboarding and training, only to realize that person isn’t right for your team. Try a contract-to-hire option to get the best of both worlds: meeting the best candidates in your area and working with them before you commit.

6. Your best interests in mind

The benefit of working with your technology vendor to hire technology talent is that they want to keep you happy! And they’ll probably need to work with this individual in the future, too. So they’re going to send you candidates that work well with their own teams and give you the best results–it’s all about keeping you happy and successful!

Wrapping Up

You don’t need to waste time wading through resumes and going through multiple interviews: you already trust your vendors with your tech equipment, now you can trust them to find you the best hire.

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