When it comes to social media, most people would consider it nothing more than a distraction. So, using social media to do something productive, like finding a job, may seem counter-intuitive. However, this form of networking is powerful and can lend a helping hand in any job search. According to an article from Emarketer.com, nearly one in four people worldwide used social networking sites in 2013. Global users will climb from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion in 2014. By 2017 that number is set to jump to a whopping 2.55 billion! As it turns out, social media helps search for open positions, which means freeing up more of your time to focus on other aspects of the interview process.

Distraction or not, social networks are a hugely important way to communicate in today’s world. They put even the most unattainable people at your fingertips, so why not use this accessibility to get ahead? Here are some ways social networks can help enhance your job search.


Probably the most expected platform to use when it comes to a job hunt, but it is the most practical. LinkedIn allows you to access the profile of any user on the site and gives you a way to get in touch with him or her. By connecting with people you already know, you can then connect with their connections and follow new companies you may be interested in. It’s basically like taking the ultimate “six degrees of separation” and using it to your advantage. By posting your resume on your profile you can apply to jobs posted on LinkedIn and upload your profile to jobs posted on other sites, like Indeed.com and Monster.com.


Based on your interests, Twitter allows you to network with people you don’t know. Recruiters will use Twitter for keyword and hashtag (#) searches to find candidates for open positions, so use common keywords like #job, #jobsearch, #marketing, etc. This will help you get into the categories recruiters may be searching for. Adding your LinkedIn profile as your web link and interacting with the people you follow are also ways to get yourself noticed.


Granted, Facebook may be used primarily for sharing selfies and cat videos, but it’s a smart idea to use your extended friend list to network. Post in your status or publish a note saying you’re searching for a job and what your specifications are. When people see your post it will stay on the top of their heads if they happen to hear about an opening or know someone to connect you with. If someone knows you personally and can speak highly of you, his or her referral could make all the difference.


Certainly, the last place you would ever think to go for help during a job search is Pinterest. However, more companies are now using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Following company Pinterest boards and re-pinning content could start a dialogue between you and a recruiter. Companies are also using the site to pin career advice, trends, info-graphics, and inspirational images to help job hunters. While scrolling through Pinterest, you may find others who present themselves in a way that might inspire your job search. Just don’t rely solely on Pinterest to find you a job.

As it turns out, social media helps search for jobs and may actually do more good than harm for job seekers, but what it all comes down to is networking. Make sure you put yourself out there–the more risks you take, the bigger the reward you will receive. As for the job of your dreams? That’s the biggest reward of all!