CentricsIT held Dell Premier partnership for three years before transitioning to ADAPTURE

ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 2013—ADAPTURE announced this month it has officially been recognized as a Dell Premier partner after successfully transitioning the partnership from CentricsIT to its VAR/consulting spinoff ADAPTURE in July. ADAPTURE plans to dominate the VAR and IT consulting space as the only Dell-focused solutions provider in the Southeast. In fact, ADAPTURE has no plans in place to add any additional partnerships, citing its belief in the value and performance of Dell’s offerings and ADAPTURE’s heavy Dell expertise.

ADAPTURE President Robert Pastor attended Dell World earlier this month and says the trip helped solidify his strategy moving forward. “We’re all Dell,” he asserted, “We have focused on a few strategic partners, and Dell and F5 are at the top. We believe in Dell’s technology and applications and stand behind them. We have some of the strongest resources in the business, and we understand Dell’s value because we dive so deeply into their solutions and offerings.”

ADAPTURE is a standalone expansion of CentricsIT, an industry-leading secondary market reseller. CentricsIT had been a Dell Premier partner for three years, and the transition proved effective, as ADAPTURE’s growth has accelerated beyond expectation. With the Dell Premier partnership in place, Pastor and his team expect things to move even faster. The company expects to move into a larger office space in early 2014.

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