With the IT market rapidly expanding, more and more people are looking to recruiters to find the perfect career. Recruiters offer a competitive advantage because they know their clients’ needs. A trained professional will tailor your job search just for you. However, it can be daunting to put your future in the hands of a stranger. So, what qualities should you look for when selecting a recruiter?


Your recruiter should be dedicated to learning all he or she can about you. What type of work environment do you prefer? Are you an introvert or extrovert? What do you want to accomplish in your next position? What skill set do you want to use daily? These are the kinds of basic questions your recruiter should ask to understand your personality. The more your recruiter listens to you, the more he or she will understand what position will best suit you.


Once the recruiter understands what you’re looking for, make sure he or she understands what his or her client wants in a candidate. Ask questions about the company culture, the requirements of the job, what is most important in a resume and in an interview. Engaging with your recruiter in this way is the best way to get a competitive advantage over applicants who have only applied directly with the company. Through your recruiter, you can get an inside look into how the company is structured, what the company values most, and how to make an impression in an interview.


The majority of people looking for jobs are doing so while already employed. It can be hard to schedule time to talk or interview around work or during a lunch break. Make sure your recruiter is willing to do what he or she can to work with your schedule, even if it means contacting you after hours.


Sometimes recruiters can try to pull wool over your eyes in an attempt to make a job or opportunity seem better than it really is. It’s important that you choose a recruiter that will always be up front with you and speak candidly, even if it means losing your interest in the position.


You want a recruiter who to walk you through the entire process and who will act like your personal agent. Not only should your recruiter be confident in his or her abilities, but he or she should also able to market and promote your skills and services. The process of finding you that perfect placement should be first priority.

Communication Skills

Whether you are connecting person-to-person, on the phone, or via email, your recruiter needs to have tactful communication skills. He or she should keep you informed regularly and stay in touch with you even after you are placed to make sure that you are happy at your new position and that you were satisfied with your experience.

Your job is a large part of your life, sense of happiness, and financial stability. You want to work with someone with whom you are comfortable and feel you can trust. All of our recruiters here at ADAPTURE possess these qualities and will have your best interest in mind. To get to know the ADAPTURE staff better, check out the new recruiter page on our website.