February 25th, 2014 has been declared Business Cybersecurity Day by Governor Nathan Deal here in our home state of Georgia. In recognition of this day, the Technology Association of Georgia, the Georgia National Guard and numerous state government departments are hosting a cybersecurity simulation event. The exercise will prepare Georgia businesses to respond quickly and proactively to today’s cyber challenges.

Numerous private citizens, C-level executives, senior managers and practitioners from different business sectors around the state will collaborate in a fictitious cyber threat scenario. This exercise will equip participants with the proper knowledge to defend against the dangers a cybersecurity attack may present.

ADAPTURE consultant and representative for this event, Tim Cullen, will be leading a team to contend alongside others to infiltrate the IT system of fictional business, The Logistics Company (TLC). Seven different attacks will occur at random over the course of the two hour exercise. Observers will watch the breakdown of the business, technical and legal responses of fictional TLC’s “Dream Team”. The best practices will be applied to deter the attacks with minimal disruption and without the risk associated with an real attack. Upon completion of the event, Tim will present the team’s strategy to further explain the different methods used to prevent a cybersecurity event.

Be sure to visit cyberexercises.com/tag2014 for more information about the simulation. Follow the ADAPTURE Twitter page (@AdaptureTech) next Tuesday, February 25th, from 9 am until 4 pm to witness the cybersecurity event unfold and to learn more about how to keep your business better protected.