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A Comprehensive Approach to Security Technology

In this post: Learn about ADAPTURE's approach to effective security technology that minimizes your company's vulnerabilities.  A recent study conducted by F5 Networks reveals that, while 60% consider security a “business priority,” only 51% of businesses actually have an established IT security strategy that spans the entire company. They lack security cohesion. As ADAPTURE experts have warned before, [...]

2020-10-13T13:00:59-05:00September 7th, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|

Mitigating Cyberattacks through Effective IT Security Management Processes

In this post: Learn how to reduce the effect of cyberattacks on your organization through effective IT security management.  You just discovered some malware lurking in your infrastructure that’s been collecting data silently for the past six weeks. What now? If the next steps are not immediately clear, then perhaps you should revisit your company’s cybersecurity protocols. Despite [...]

2020-10-13T13:02:12-05:00August 18th, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|

Gartner’s 2017 “Leaders” in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

ADAPTURE is an Authorized Trend Micro Partner Headquartered in Atlanta Continuing with our Gartner Magic Quadrant series, this post will review the “Leaders” of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. In case you’re just joining the series, be sure to catch up on the other Magic Quadrants that we’ve highlighted:  ADC, EPP, Enterprise Network Firewalls, IaaS, SIEM, SSA, Integrated Systems, WAF. This time, we [...]

2020-10-13T13:33:10-05:00August 15th, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|

The Reality of Cloud Security Issues: The Human Factor

In this post: Learn how to strengthen the weakest point of your cloud security measures: the human factor.  No matter the software you have installed, the technology you own, or the protocols you have in place, cloud security breaches will usually happen at the weakest link in the chain. Unfortunately, the most common weakest link happens to be [...]

2020-10-13T13:35:27-05:00August 10th, 2017|Cloud, Cybersecurity, Security|

Gartner’s 2017 “Leaders” in Enterprise Network Firewalls

ADAPTURE is an Authorized Palo Alto and Check Point Partner Headquartered in Atlanta Today, we will discuss another Gartner Magic Quadrant, and this one has some history to it.  Gartner has recently unified its Enterprise Firewall and Next Generation Firewall categories as vendors have incorporated the “next generation” features, like application and user control and intrusion prevention systems, [...]

2020-10-13T13:52:30-05:00August 1st, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|

ADAPTURE Partner Cylance Among 2017 Gartner “Biggest Movers”

ADAPTURE is an Authorized Cylance Partner Headquartered in Atlanta In this series, we will be highlighting those elite companies that have made it into the coveted quadrants of Gartner’s playing field, starting with the Endpoint Security market. But first, let’s lay some groundwork. When Gartner highlights you in a “Magic Quadrant,” you know that you’re one of the [...]

2020-10-13T14:01:25-05:00July 18th, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|

Ask the Experts: Evaluating Leading Endpoint Security Vendors

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Top Endpoint Security Vendors By Tim Cullen, CISSP, F5-CTS and Jacob Hunt Security Architects at ADAPTURE Endpoint Protection (EPP) Security is a suite of software that is installed on laptops, desktops, and servers. The purpose is to prevent multiple types of malicious threats from infecting the local machine. These threats include malware, device [...]

2020-10-13T14:02:07-05:00July 16th, 2017|Cloud, Cybersecurity, Security|

Petya Ransomware: Ask the Experts

Petya Ransomware: "Bigger Than WannaCry" The Petya ransomware attack began earlier today in Europe and is quickly spreading globally. We asked our experts for their thoughts on this latest attack. Elliott Abraham, CISSP, lamented, "There's no kill switch in Petya. It will most certainly be bigger than WannaCry." Senior Solutions Architect Jacob Hunt added, "The Petya strain has been [...]

2020-10-13T14:03:32-05:00June 27th, 2017|Cybersecurity, Ransomware, Security|

How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Against Phishing Attacks

Written by Elliott Abraham, CISSP Senior Security Architect at ADAPTURE What is Authentication? Authentication is the means by which an entity validates that they are in fact who they claim to be. The most commonly used types of authentication are the very basic username and password. However, this presents a very real challenge for us. Our passwords are [...]

2020-10-13T14:06:46-05:00June 19th, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|

The Cost Savings and Business Benefits of Deploying Cylance

A Summary of Forrester Consulting’s Research Findings Using Cylance’s security solutions reduces the risk of security breaches and improves IT and security employees’ productivity, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Advanced threat protection provider Cylance commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment enterprises could realize by [...]

2020-10-13T14:17:31-05:00March 21st, 2017|Cybersecurity, Security|
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