In this post: Learn about ADAPTURE’s approach to effective security technology that minimizes your company’s vulnerabilities. 

A recent study conducted by F5 Networks reveals that, while 60% consider security a “business priority,” only 51% of businesses actually have an established IT security strategy that spans the entire company. They lack security cohesion.

As ADAPTURE experts have warned before, your company’s cybersecurity is only as good as the people you hire and the processes you instate. We have also said that technology alone—no matter how advanced or robust—will do little to fend off attacks if your employees compromise your defenses or if your processes are ineffective.

You need a comprehensive solution, not a disparate conglomerate of precautions.

Don’t Forget About the Technology

A single security element out of three is useless without the others; each depends on the other to be successful. Even if you have hired the world’s leading IT experts to staff your offices and you have established the most detailed processes—but you still lack effective technology—your security measures will not suffice. And your vulnerabilities will remain.

Remember, however, that technology is not a one-size-fits-all, and choosing a security vendor to augment your current architecture is not a decision to be made hastily. To implement effective security technology, you need to conduct extensive research on each vendor’s offerings before aligning those services to the specific needs of your company. Only then should you decide what technology to put in place.

Who You Associate With Matters

ADAPTURE chooses to partner with proven industry leaders like Check Point and F5 Networks—companies that have consistently delivered comprehensive and sustainable security offerings across the board. Using the brief summaries below, we will highlight some of the main factors that ADAPTURE considers when choosing a security partner.

  • With decades of experience, Check Point supports a broad range of IT security technology products and services through intuitive endpoint management and advanced encryption capabilities. At the end of the most recent quarter, Check Point had an impressive revenue of $458.60 million (analysts’ estimates had only been for $454.62 million), and the firm continues to enjoy a revenue growth of 8.5% from year-to-year. But ADAPTURE is not the only authority to recognize Check Point’s industry excellence. Forbes lists it as number #1,251 out of 2,000 of the world’s biggest public companies. And Check Point has also been a familiar face in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, holding its place as a Gartner Firewall “Leader” since 1997.
  • F5 Networks has an impressive history of experience to market and a broad range of security offerings and products. The company specializes in application delivery networking and load balancing technologies, but it also offers solutions for application firewall and authentication through automation and configuration management tools. In its most recent estimate, Forbes reports that F5 is worth $7.42 billion, with its service offerings accounting for 50% of its total revenue. Forbes also lists F5 as #1,979 out of 2,000 in the world’s biggest public companies. And like Check Point, F5 has also been a prevalent force within Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, remaining the top performer in the ADC “Leaders” MQ for ten years straight.

In addition to choosing industry frontrunners, ADAPTURE also looks for young companies that manage to show strong potential or unique value within the overcrowded security market. Cylance is a prime example of this.

  • Founded in 2012, Cylance has already shown a propensity for success through its aggressive technology and its trend toward innovative solutions. Most importantly, Cylance sets itself apart from the rest by leveraging artificial intelligence to augment its endpoint security offerings in a way that’s changing the industry. Rather than rely on heavy signatures, Cylance has architected a lightweight AI to provide customers with security that predicts, prevents, and protects. In Gartner’s 2017 Endpoint Protection report, Cylance was described as “by far the fastest-growing EPP vendor” in the market (F5’s movement within Gartner’s EPP Magic Quadrants further illustrates its assertive growth as well). Current estimates list Cylance’s net worth as $177 million, but if the company continues to grow at the rate Gartner expects, that number is sure to grow.

ADAPTURE only partners with leading and forward-thinking vendors; vendors that must be industry-proven and exhibit a growth trajectory toward future leadership. Through this vetting process, ADAPTURE experts ensure that we have the means to architect a comprehensive solution out of the best technology and security products available.

Security is in the Company You Keep

Taking time to research vendor offerings, market standing, and projected growth is a vital part of the decision-making process. Only choose companies that you will be proud to stand with and that will also stand with you to face your ever-mounting security threats.

That’s how we operate at ADAPTURE.

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