No matter how hard you work to prevent cybersecurity attacks at your organization, intrusions are inevitable. That’s why you need an endpoint security solution that can detect and respond to security threats, even those that your typical anti-virus product might miss. That’s exactly what FireEye’s Endpoint Security solution provides – exceptional protection against known malware and other cybersecurity threats. And it uses machine learning to adjust to new threats on the fly.

Here’s how FireEye’s new solution can help you protect your on-premise and remote endpoints against both known and unknown security threats.

What’s New?

Traditional endpoint protection solutions are often limited in their detection and prevention capabilities because they cannot handle new threats—especially those that don’t conform to the same patterns as previous threats. This leads to gaps in security protection coverage that can expose your organization and wreak havoc on your data, leaving a lasting impact.

FireEye’s Endpoint Security solution addresses these potentially dangerous gaps by expanding visibility and improving the quality and relevance of your organization’s threat data. This endpoint security solution is flexible and data-driven—using Dynamic Threat Intelligence to correlate alerts from other FireEye products to orchestrate a response in minutes. This allows your organization to experience fully integrated malware protection, remediation, and frontline intelligence that helps analysts automate your organization’s security protection and quickly determine the scope and level of threat activity to adapt your security defenses as needed.

Furthermore, FireEye’s protection extends threat intelligence to every endpoint, allowing it to be most effective at the point of attack. This solution offers endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that seamlessly extend threat intelligence of other FireEye products. This means that when a FireEye product detects an attack anywhere on your organization’s network, the endpoints are automatically updated, making it easier for an analyst to quickly inspect and gather details about the threat to quickly take action.

How Complete Endpoint Visibility Helps You Respond Quickly

Complete endpoint visibility plays a critical role in identifying the root cause of an alert and conducting an analysis of the security threat. FireEye’s Endpoint Security incorporates a lookback cache which enables your organization to inspect and analyze both present and past alerts at any endpoint. This provides your organization with the data you need to decide on the best response to the threat.

Complete endpoint visibility also helps you prevent the spread of infection. Though attacks start at one endpoint, they can quickly spread throughout your entire network. FireEye’s Endpoint Security enables you to immediately isolate any compromised devices on the network after you have identified an attack. With a single click, you can stop an attack from spreading laterally. Then, without risking any further infection, you can complete a comprehensive forensic investigation and take remediation measurers based on your analysis of the threat.

FireEye Makes It Easier to Protect Big Environments

FireEye’s comprehensive single-agent security solution is available for deployment in on-premise, cloud, and virtual environments with an endpoint agent that is used to detect, prevent, and monitor both local and remote activities. In just a matter of minutes, this solution allows your organization to search for, identify, and respond to threats on tens of thousands of endpoints, whether they are connected or not.

With a single interface, you can easily assess all your organization’s endpoint activities, quickly identify and analyze any incidents, and contain threats. FireEye’s Endpoint Security changes the way that you identify and respond to modern malware and other serious threats.

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