The Cylance cybersecurity solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to help businesses and organizations protect important data and prevent malicious cyber-attacks. Its AI-driven approach to threat prevention reduces the strain on the endpoint when compared to traditional anti-virus solutions on the market today.

Though artificial intelligence (AI) might suggest a distant future with robots and flying cars, this technology is no longer just the stuff of science fiction. In fact, organizations are continuously releasing innovative products that demonstrate how AI can transform applications in several different industries, including accessing, using, and protecting sensitive data.

AI vs. Traditional Anti-Virus

As the number of malicious cyberattacks on enterprises across the world have increased significantly in recent years, it’s vital for organizations to re-evaluate the way that they combat cybersecurity threats. The problem? The nature of cyber threats has changed over time and too many enterprises still rely on outdated security measures to protect sensitive data.

The Signature-Based Approach is Stagnant

Traditional threat prevention products are based on signatures and patterns, which assumes that the threats have been seen before and that the attack is about files on disk. However, the number of memory attacks have doubled in the past two years, and file-less malware threats can’t be detected through file-based signatures. Today’s cyber attackers constantly leverage new ways to threaten enterprises, and it has become impossible for legacy anti-virus solutions to keep up with threats like WannaCry and Petya.

Algorithms Learn Faster

New technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way that organizations approach cybersecurity by making it more difficult for attackers to penetrate enterprise systems. Machine learning aims at teaching machines how to apply certain algorithms to data to protect an organization’s network and information. ML and AI work to assess a file’s intent through sophisticated mathematical models and then protect the endpoint before the threat can execute. AI and ML have become an integral part of helping organizations effectively and efficiently prevent attacks at scale.

Cylance has developed cybersecurity solutions driven by artificial intelligence that prevent cyber-threats and block malware infections. Unlike the traditional endpoint security products that rely on signature-based threat prevention, Cylance uses AI to identify and block both known and unknown threats from running on an enterprise’s endpoints. By thinking beyond traditional antivirus solutions, Cylance is revolutionizing the way that organizations think about threat prevention.

The Cylance Approach to Cybersecurity

Cylance delivers integrated, predictive threat prevention solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Rather than using signature-based detection like traditional antivirus solutions, Cylance uses AI to identify and prevent threats from impacting an organization’s endpoints. The result is continuous cyber threat prevention with unparalleled precision, protecting your organization against 99% of both known and unknown threats without disrupting the end-users.

How Cylance Protects Against Zero-day Threats…

Cylance AI predicts, prevents, and protects against zero-day threats by analyzing similar blocks of file code to identify malicious files. It blocks threats automatically in real-time through observation, pattern recognition, and predictive analytics. The best part is that the Cylance machine learning models operate with minimal impact on an organization’s performance.

…and New Attack Vectors

Unlike outdated antivirus solutions, Cylance provides additional security controls that enable organizations to protect themselves from file-less, memory, and external device-based attacks. Cylance’s AI-driven solutions not only identify these threats before they become a problem but also provide automated prevention responses before the threat can execute on an organization’s endpoints. Its innovative cybersecurity products are helping businesses keep up with the changing cyber threats from today’s savvy hackers.

AI Prevents Threats Two Years from Today

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to proactively prevent threats and malware instead of simply reacting to incidences, Cylance has revolutionized enterprise endpoint cybersecurity. Cylance’s cybersecurity products offer a wide range of predictive threat prevention solutions that enable organizations to gain better visibility across the enterprise while also effectively combatting security threats like malware and ransomware. And the best part is Cylance protects enterprise endpoints without increasing an organization’s costs or staff workload.

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