In this post: Read about three scary ransomware horror stories and why they are still making headlines. 

It’s Halloween—the perfect time to enjoy some spooky tales. If we’ve learned anything about the horror genre from Hollywood, it’s that the scariest and most compelling horror stories are often the ones that are based on true events. Though you may no longer be scared by monster movies, urban legends, or slasher flicks, real-life horror stories about ransomware are sure to make you feel a little uneasy.

Though this digital extortion tactic is not new; recent ransomware attacks are still making headlines for doing some serious damage to individuals, businesses, hospitals, and even police departments. Below, we bring you three scary stories about real-world ransomware attacks and how they’ve made an impact.

Real-World Ransomware Horror Stories

Tales from the CryptoWall

Classified as a ransomware Trojan,