2020 proved to be an unprecedented year. Many lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and those who were in the middle of the job search were left with few options. As companies begin to recover, many people have been looking to 2021 for a fresh new start. With so many people coming into the new year looking for jobs, it’s important to know what to expect from your job search. These are the 2021 hiring trends you should expect to see.

Increased Flexibility in 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become a necessity for both employers and employees to be flexible. Employees need to be flexible enough to come into the office or work from home depending on the requirements of the role, and employers need to be able to train and work with employees remotely.

With flexibility also comes adaptability. Employees need to be able to adapt to different work environments, and it’s important that they can work just as productively from home as they do in the office. LinkedIn found that “given a choice of 13 soft skills, 53% of talent professionals surveyed said adaptability will be the most important skill for recruiters over the next year.”

Cover Letters Make the Difference in 2021

Job Seekers Writing Cover Letters

More job candidates are looking to change careers as some industries continue to be hit harder than others. Job seekers will need to use their cover letters to emphasize transferable skills and any education in the field to which they are looking to make the switch, like technical certifications or coding courses.

Hiring Managers Evaluating Cover Letters

Hiring managers have access to a larger talent pool in 2021 from not just experience professionals in their company’s specific industry, but also from top performers looking to make a career change. For hiring managers evaluating the cross-industry skills of these new candidates, the cover letter will be incredibly insightful. Look for professionals that can provide fresh insight or a new perspective to help broaden your team’s abilities.

An Emphasis on Soft Skills in 2021 Hiring Trends

In recent years, soft skills have become a large factor for employers to consider when determining which candidates will be best fit for a job. Soft skills are extremely important in making sure that a new hire will fit in well with the company and be able to work with a team. Because so many companies now have their employees working remotely due to Covid-19, skills like problem-solving and communication are necessary for a business to run smoothly.

A Lengthier Recruiting Process

There are so many people out there currently looking for jobs and many companies have cut down; therefore, the recruiting process itself has become more difficult. Resumes and Cover Letters have become more important than ever, as they are now one of the only ways for a candidate to distinguish oneself in a sea of other applicants.

The interview process is also becoming much more extensive, as candidates are being asked to do more interviews now that much of this process is happening virtually rather than in person. Forbes notes that “employers remain nervous when they do not meet you in person and make candidates go through several extra interviews and online assessments before deciding.” For those looking for opportunities in 2021, expect the process to be longer and slower than before.

ADAPTURE Helps You Navigate the 2021 Hiring Trends and Beyond

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