Investing in technical certifications puts you closer to an in-demand job or a higher salary. Some of these certifications make you a better IT professional, and some of them make you a more efficient project manager, but they all teach sought-after requirements that will push you toward the top of the list of job candidates.

Here are the technical certifications you should consider getting in 2019.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Amazon Web Services has taken over the cloud computing world and its technical certifications are a must-have for any professional looking to work in the space. AWS controls 33% of the market, with the next largest competitor at 11%, meaning your certification will definitely be put to good use.

While you might not pass the exams the first time, AWS offers plenty of resources and practice exams to ensure success. There are various levels of certifications, from Associate to Professional, so no matter your current level of knowledge, you can get started today.

Azure Certifications

Amazon may top the list, but Microsoft is another popular name in the cloud computing world, which makes its Azure certification valuable as well. Over 55% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure, and this number continues to grow.

Azure has several levels of expertise, but you can also obtain an entry-level Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect certification if you’ve never worked with the platform before.

CCNA-Cloud and CCIE

Cisco offers a number of specialized technical certifications. As a giant in the technology industry, experts with Cisco certifications are highly sought-after.

The CCNA certification is designed to put you on the path towards a network administrator or engineer. This cloud-specific certification helps you lay a foundation in cloud computing models and administration.

Cisco also offers top IT-related certifications related to security and project management, not just the cloud. The most popular being the CCIE with tracks for routing and switching, data center, service provider, and others. Because the CCIE expires every two years, the professionals who keep it maintained prove that they are up-to-date on the latest technology of the field.

These certifications are so popular in the IT world because Cisco equipment is used in almost every work environment. However, some of Cisco’s other certifications require the CCIE as a pre-requisite.


If you’re looking to expand into the high-demand field of cybersecurity, the CISSP is a great place to prove your value. This program is designed for IT security professionals at the manager level or higher. The CISSP teaches you to prevent many different types of cyberattacks. As even small businesses begin to experience the need for increased IT security, this certification will only open doors to a wide range of roles and higher-earning potential in the future.


Another favorite security certification is the Certified Wireless Network Administrator. This is a great base level cert for any IT professional managing wireless networks. The certification will need to be renewed every three years but is extremely useful to those starting out in the IT world.

PMP, ITIL, Scrum Master

The Project Management Professional, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, and Scrum Master certifications all relate to project and process management. Each program deals with a different way to improve team efficiency.

The PMP certification requires 3-5 years of project management, which helps prove you have the experience to apply for specific jobs. Studies show that teams with PMP-certified leaders meet goals on time and on budget. The ITIL provides a set of best practices for businesses to scale their IT environment and achieve their growth goals. The Scrum Master certification also improves teamwork and collaboration and is popular with companies like Spotify and Microsoft.

On-the-job experience can certainly help you land a new job, but obtaining a reputable certification can be the crucial missing piece between you and your dream gig. Consider working toward one of these certifications and elevating your career in 2019.