Starting your job hunt in the new year? The IT industry continues to expand, and even more growth is expected in 2019. Taking a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics recent reports provides some surprising input on the top industries based on economic and demographic changes across the country. If you’re looking for a new job, consider one of these top roles in these fast-growing industries.


As we’ve discussed before, jobs in cybersecurity and cloud systems are in high demand across the country. But the technology industry as a whole has many high-paying positions for a variety of backgrounds that make it one of the top industries of 2019.  Consider how you can translate your own skills and talents to one of these roles.

Security Professionals

Positions in security have some of the highest starting salaries and potential salaries of the tech industry. Certificates are important when applying for these roles, but all security fields – data, information, network, systems, cloud managing – have plenty of job listings for you to consider.

Software Developer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 30% increase in developer positions by 2026, with a median annual income over $100,000 in 2017. Most developer roles require coding experience, and you should have analytical skills to suggest software improvements to better meet user needs.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Another high-paying technology position is the BI Analyst. As businesses gather more and more data, they need professionals to translate that data into usable feedback and necessary steps for growth. Hiring managers look for degrees in computer science or information systems, but experience with databases and good communication skills also top the list of requirements.

IT Manager

The IT manager is the typical role most people think of when they think IT: someone who updates your company’s computers and installs malware software. But that’s not all IT Managers are responsible for. IT Managers often also work with executives to strategize the technology needs of a business as it grows.

U.S. News ranks this as one of the top technology roles because of its high pay and low unemployment. Just remember – dealing with every employee’s computer problems can make it one of the more stressful positions in technology as well.


As social media changes at the speed of light, companies need someone to keep them abreast of the latest tactics for getting in front of customers. Marketing roles are especially attractive because every industry needs marketing specialists to sell what they’re producing – whether it’s a physical product (business-to-consumer or B2C) or intangible services (business-to-business or B2B).

Home Health Care

While not technology-related, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates as much as a 47% growth in the home health care and personal care industry over the next few years. The roles as health and personal care aides were low-paying in 2017, but this is an industry with huge potential for growth that can’t be left off the list.

New-Home Construction

Service industries also show up on industry growth projections as an indicator for economic recovery, with sales increases of 13%. While these also do not have the highest-paying jobs, they have opportunities in almost every town with potential for project management positions and upward mobility in many cases.

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