Looking for a career change mid-year?   The US News 100 Best Jobs and the Bureau of Labor Statistics help to provide some insight into the top jobs in the finance industry in 2019. With a low unemployment rate and a high level of job security, these top five jobs in finance should be on your radar during your next job search.


Still reigning as one of the most secure and reliable jobs in the finance industry is the Accountant role.  Strong Accountant candidates need to have the skills like problem solving, organization, and trustworthiness that are essential for anyone who works with money and financial records.

Typical tasks include performing audits, preparing taxes, or analyzing a company’s financial information.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within the next 8 years, there are an estimated 139,900 job openings for accountants.

Business Operations Manager

Another reliable position that will be a top job in finance in 2019 is the Business Operations Manager (BOM).  With a median salary of $100,410 per year, BOMs are responsible for making strategic decisions, in addition to hiring, negotiating contracts, and addressing budget matters.

Hiring managers often prioritize candidates with a certificate in production and inventory management to determine whether a candidate is considered qualified for the position.

Financial Manager

When people think Financial Manager, they usually think someone who works with numbers to produce financial reports.  But that’s not all that Financial Managers are responsible for.  They also handle the increasingly difficult world of profit projections and financial securities.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 19% increase in employment growth for financial managers, making it one of the top jobs in finance in 2019.

Operations Research Analyst

By using quantitative reasoning, data mining, and statistical analysis skills, Operations Research Analysts help companies develop more efficiently in their daily costs and activities.  Most employers prefer a graduate-level degree, but entry-level positions are available with a degree in math, business or industrial engineering.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts positions can be hard to fill because of their long hours, but a Financial Analyst’s work results in a huge payoff. While 30% say they work more than 40 hours a week, those same financial analysts earn an average salary of $114,980 from examining current economic trends, business news, and company strategy. For hardworking candidates looking for a role with high rewards, a Financial Analyst position could be right for them.

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