As an IT decision-maker, you’ve already heard how the ROI Gigamon provides via its monitoring capabilities and actionable insights you need to drive performance and keep your environments safe from cyberattacks through:

  • Broker traffic: Gigamon reduces blind spots and delivers optimized traffic to advanced monitoring and security tools.
  • Reduction of high-bandwidth traffic: Gigamon enables you to restrict access to bandwidth-heavy sites (like Netflix and Youtube) through its application filtering solution. The application session filtering module in the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform is being leveraged by customers to support a host of security and monitoring use cases.
  • Increasing employee productivity: Gigamon keeps you in the know and lets you filter and manage all of the network activity that will boost your team’s efficiency and performance.

But that’s not everything Gigamon’s solutions have to offer organizations.

Gigamon Capital ROI

Extend the Life of Network Devices

Let’s say you need to do a network upgrade, but your network devices can only handle 1Gb maximum throughput.

You can either invest in all new (higher throughput) devices to accommodate for greater traffic, or you can extend the life of your current IPS, IDS, or other network devices by channeling traffic through Gigamon first. With Gigamon, you can spool a 10Gb connection to your slower-paced device, enabling you to get more utilization out of your network hardware.

Filter Traffic to Boost Employee Efficiency

Gigamon doesn’t drown your device in unfiltered traffic. Instead, it delivers only the right traffic to your device.

Gigamon’s data filtering and analysis are fully configurable to only assess critical activity. As a result, your toolsets will become more efficient and your employees won’t have to wade through endless logs of data. Instead, your IT team will receive only the predetermined relevant data that Gigamon has captured. This enables Gigamon to do the heavy lifting, so your employees can refocus on their critical tasks to keep your business running seamlessly.

Relieve Demand on Devices and Toolsets

You can only SPAN and TAP so much. Most switches only enable you to TAP into 1 or 2 ports, because it creates too much load on your LAN devices due to duplicate traffic. You can buy more switches and worry about network performance… Or you can rely on Gigamon to handle multiple devices and toolsets, all through a unified central management platform.

By creating a mirror of the traffic at each port, Gigamon runs the packet inspection on all ports without causing increased network load. This solution can be deployed in-line or out of band to offload the traffic.

Alleviate the Burden on Your Firewalls

If you’re worried that your current firewall isn’t keeping you fully protected with SSL/TLS decryption, you don’t have to suffer the expense of a larger standard firewall.

When paired with a WAF, Gigamon’s application GigaSMART will offload some of the functionality of your current firewalls. GigaSMART eliminates the decryption burden on all of your security tools so that they can operate at peak effectiveness and efficiency. GigaSMART meets the diverse and unique needs of your business by implementing SecOps and NetOps—enabling you to monitor application performance, protect against threats with encrypted communications, and closely inspect usage patterns.

Smart Security Investments

Ensuring your network security goes beyond simply choosing the right products.

You can enhance your security purchases by leveraging the security expertise and industry insight of the ADAPTURE Solution Architects. Our security engineers will help you deploy Gigamon in your networks and fine-tune the platform to your company’s specific needs so that you will quickly see a return on your investment (both in the security of your networks and in your financials).