A friend of mine recently had her first Skype interview. She was understandably nervous, as interviews via the internet can be intimidating. It can be tricky to project professionalism while reflecting your personality without becoming the next YouTube sensation. All it takes is a crazy accident or an unsuspecting computer phenomenon to ruin the interview. But nevertheless, Skype Interviews are on the rise as a popular way to interview candidates, and if you’re not prepared, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Follow these tips, and you will have a successful Skype interview.

Dress the Part

90% of the cues we give are non-verbal. From an interviewer’s standpoint during a Skype interview, non-verbal cues include the way you’re dressed and your surroundings. To start your interview on the right foot, dress appropriately for the job position and the type of company you’re going after. You can gauge a company’s culture by checking out their social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. By getting an idea of what the employees and executives wear, you will have a better idea what to wear for the interview and what the company culture is like.

Check your Surroundings

Your interview surroundings are another non-verbal cue that can have substantial consequences during a Skype interview. If an interviewer can see your pictures from your 21st birthday and a Metallica poster, they might not be getting the best representation of you as a professional or candidate for the job. The best background during a video interview is one that is plain and doesn’t distract the interviewer. Also make sure the surroundings during your interview are quiet and private. It would not be ideal to have music bumping in the background or kids running around. All of these distractions will hinder your interview.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. It’s a tried and true sports motto that also applies to interviews. Practice Skype interviews just like you would for a face-to-face interview. Check your internet connection, computer battery, sound, and anything else that plays into a video interview. Do not count on everything working perfectly during the interview. If there is a technical error, be honest with the interviewer and let them know what is happening. Interviewers would take this initiative positively and see that you have problem solving skills. Also, Skype interviews are the only kind of interview that allow you to cheat a little. You can have your notes in front of you without your interviewer noticing. Don’t read directly off of your notes, but use them when you need them. By following these simple steps, you will save yourself from becoming a viral video sensation and most importantly, you will have a successful Skype interview.