Back in 2013, we posted a blog titled Tips for a Successful Skype Interview. Over the past three years, Skype has become more popular and commonly used by businesses everywhere. Not only can you hold business meetings with colleagues overseas or interview face-to-face with hiring managers, you can virtually share experiences with people anywhere in the world, and the possibilities are endless. As technology evolved, we decided to revisit this topic and provide you more detailed tips for a successful Skype interview.

Dress the Part… Continued:

For starters, first impressions! Your appearance is key for your Skype interview so you must dress to impress. Do not do a halfhearted job dressing yourself prior to the interview by wearing pajama bottoms and slippers then topping it off with a sport coat and button down, or for the females, a tennis skirt, flip-flops and a dressy blouse. You may need to stand up while you are on camera so be prepared and suited properly as if you were visiting the business office. Also, when you look your best, you gain full confidence in yourself. Take a moment to look at the company’s social media pages to learn more about the company’s culture.

In addition, consider camera-ready tricks. Ladies, go the extra mile with your make up and apply as needed, because on film, colors tend to get washed out. Men, clean shaven rules still apply. The 5 o’clock shadow could ruin the show. Even though you are only going to be on camera, your good hygiene could help you get hired.

Also, relax when you are at the computer. You may look picture-perfect, but don’t make the interviewer think the screen froze! Nod a little and acknowledge the interviewer when they are speaking.

Check our Surroundings… Continued:

You need to be selective about your surroundings when setting up for a Skype interview. You want the interviewer to focus on you, so do not distract the interviewer with a cluttered background. A neutral background will work wonders for your appearance and will make you the focal point. Consider hanging a tan sheet or shade in the backdrop to help eliminate sun glare and reflection.

Consider putting pets in another room. You do not need to have your cat walk across your desk while you are on camera, and it would be a huge distraction to have your dog barking in the background. Plan accordingly. It would be funny if you had an iguana on your shoulder during the interview, but it wouldn’t get you the job unless you were interviewing for a reptile technician position and that might even be a little absurd.

Turn off all timers, alarms, and phones. You do not need any disruptions during the interview. If your cell phone rings or your smoke detector starts chirping because the batteries are low, you will appear unprepared and most likely, you will not get the job. Other electronic devices, aside from your computer and camera, will cause major distractions in the Skype interview so check your surroundings first.

Practice Makes Perfect… Continued:

Have your resume, cheat sheet and company notes in front of you. Practice the entire interview with a friend or in the mirror so that you are prepared for the typical questions. Also, eye contact is essential, so be sure to focus on the screen with a relaxed posture to prove that you are comfortable. Try to record your practice interviews using a camcorder or cell phone so that you can see yourself in action. The will help you gain confidence and improve your appearance on camera.

You need to be confident throughout the interview, so be sure to show off that smile. This portrays that you are pleasant, content and upbeat. Personality plays a big role in the hiring process, so keep practicing until you make yourself laugh.

Practice with your internet connection as well. Resolve all connectivity issues in advance so you don’t encounter any glitches. Worst case scenario, practice how you would resolve the problem if you are faced with an issue. This will prove that you are prepared to react to unexpected situations.

For further information on successful Skype tips and tricks, visit Tips for a Successful Skype Interview, the original blog prior to this sequel.

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