The New State of HR & How You Should Hire for It

After the chaos of 2020, with its pandemic closures unexpected deep dive into remote work, the state of HR has seismically shifted. During lockdowns, employees reaped the benefits of working from home with no commute, having a greater sense of work-life balance, being able to spend more time with family, and working on their own schedules. Now, many companies face a labor shortage as employees either look for a better fit or leave the workforce entirely.

The Great Resignation was predicted in 2019, but it seems to be later and greater than expected. How can you attract and keep the best candidates for your roles in todays hiring climate? We’ve got some tips for surviving and thriving amidst the Great Resignation.

What is the Great Resignation?

Professor Anthony Klotz predicted the great resignation back in 2019 and after many months of working from home, The Great Resignation is here. Millions of people have left the workforce in the past year citing burnout, micromanagement, and the forced return to the office.

Many employees re-examined their commutes and decided they would leave their job if required to return to an on-site office. Other employees decided they didn’t need a manager watching their every move in order to do their job well.

Because of this mass exodus from the workforce the hiring need is greater than ever.

How It Affects You

As an employer, you may have lost employees to The Great Resignation. As a candidate, you have your pick of companies and can leverage multiple job offers to get that dream position and ideal salary you’ve been seeking.

As the Hiring Company

As you begin hiring in a climate of high turnover, make sure you have the qualities these candidates want in a job:

Flexibility: Employees now know they can do the same work from home as they did 45 minutes from home. Youll open the pool of candidates to better employees by letting them set the days they come into the office. If this isn’t an option for your company, you’ll need to compensate with other incentives.

Compensation: With a labor shortage, the hourly rate continues to increase. Even coffee shops are paying baristas $20 an hour to draw in employees. Companies are also offering referral bonuses for employees to encourage their friends to join the team.

Respectful Environment: Employees didn’t just leave because of stress and micromanaging: many left out of fear for their health by returning to the office. Gone are the days where you could lure employees with a ping pong table and gym membership. Employees today require respectful communication and understanding around personal boundaries. The companies that valued their employees’ autonomy kept their employees.

As the Candidate

Maybe you left your job when you were required to return to the office. Maybe you realized you wanted to spend that time you were commuting with your family instead.

Candidates now have the opportunity to look for remote positions across the United States and find a fit that meets their personal requirements, while challenging them professionally with an exciting role. The pool of opportunity is much wider, and while that may make the job search even more daunting, it also means larger and more diverse opportunities await you.

Leveraging Offers for a Dream Job

As an employer looking for new hires, youll see many candidates leveraging their offers to get exactly what they want. Maybe you cant offer a higher compensation, but you can offer better benefits, like more work-from-home days or a home office stipend. Your culture will be a big factor in the decision as well. Ensure your candidates meet the team and have an understanding of your management style during the interview process.

While hiring during The Great Resignation may seem daunting, you have the opportunity to hire happy team members who will stay with you for a long time. They know exactly what they want, and that isnt always the highest salary. With an emphasis on self-care and mental health, your company can set itself apart with great culture: when your employees feel valued, theyre more likely to stay with you (and encourage their friends to join in as well).

If youre not sure where to start with the hiring process, we have experts in recruiting and hiring. We understand challenging markets, and we have the contacts you need to find great employees faster than traditional hiring methods. Connect with us today to get started.