Even if your industry doesn’t have a holiday rush, this time of year can be especially crazy for your employees. Schedules are filled with travel plans, family visits, concerts, recitals, and more. Thanking your employees can mean a great deal to those around you during the holiday season.

If your industry does have a busy holiday season, it’s even more important to show your team that their hard work does not go unnoticed. Gratitude can help keep team morale high during stressful times, and motivate employees to do their best work even under pressure.

Follow these tips to thank your employees for their dedication to the company.

Start by saying ‘thank you!’

This little simple action can go a long way in a busy time. Let team members know you see their effort just by saying thank you for working extra hours, answering all the support tickets, or effectively handling a difficult customer.

Go a step further when thanking your employees by personalizing their holiday cards with a sincere message of appreciation.

Give a small, thoughtful gift

If you manage a small team, buying a few simple gifts may be an option. A snazzy water bottle, notebook, lotion, or candle can be useful in the office or at home. While baked goods and candies may seem cliché, you can add a touch of thoughtfulness by making their favorite treat or accounting for their dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten-free or vegan cookies).

Once again, this is a great opportunity to include a short note recognizing a specific achievement or area of growth during the year.

Donate to their charity of choice

Sometimes your employees may not want another desk-cluttering gift. Find out if they support a particular cause or organization and make a small donation. In a personalized note, let them know you’re thankful for their hard work, and that you’re paying it forward with the donation.

For another charitable option, plan a team trip to help out a local service organization. You’ll be giving back to the community and facilitating a fun memory-making activity for your team all at the same time!

Provide them a work escape

Maybe you know that your employee has been waiting to try a new yoga studio or coffee shop. Pick up a gift card and write a short note. After a busy season, he or she will appreciate something relaxing and fun!

Coordinate a Secret Santa

Secret Santa can be a fun team-building activity as teammates consider each other’s preferences and look for a perfect gift. Suggest each member also write a short note describing why they appreciate the other’s work. Arrange a team lunch to exchange gifts and celebrate the achievements throughout the year.

According to a survey done by Glassdoor, employees will stay in a job longer when they feel appreciated. During these very busy times, keeping company morale high should be a priority. Your employees will work harder if they know that you notice the effort, and the busy season can become a bonding opportunity rather than a burden.