Maintenance Contract Consolidation Services

Most companies manage multiple maintenance contracts across countless vendors. These contracts expire and renew at different times, making it difficult to track costs and nearly impossible to accrue for without dedicated contract management personnel or additional software. Furthermore, when you have multiple vendors carrying your contracts, you miss out on significant savings opportunities and the benefits of dedicated service.

Contract Consolidation and Renegotiation Services

The expert consultants at ADAPTURE know the maintenance game better than anyone. As a leading value-added reseller (VAR), our channel partnerships with OEMs and technology distributors are far-reaching, giving us the ability to source maintenance across vendors on your behalf.

We leverage our insider knowledge to ensure every discount and promotion available is applied to your newly consolidated contract, and because we procure multiple contracts on your behalf, you’ll benefit from additional aggregated savings.

The result is significant cost reduction, increased level of service, and a single contract to cover your entire infrastructure, paid on a schedule that will take the burden of management off your finance team.

Additional Value-Adds: Dedicated Cross-Functional Support

Relationship ManagementDedicated Case EscalationDecommissioning Support
ADAPTURE adds considerable value in the form of extensive channel relationships. We know how the OEM works and how to maximize your maintenance plan. In the event a system is missed when building the contract or one needs to be added later for any reason, ADAPTURE will manage the contract changes.If the OEMs are not meeting their deadlines, ADAPTURE will get involved to escalate the ticket and work with the appropriate OEM contacts. If an OEM does not have engineers available within a reasonable amount of time, ADAPTURE will augment its efforts with the highest-level engineer available for the skill needed.When assets are slated for decommissioning, ADAPTURE will attain the proper OEM credits on the contracts and facilitate asset disposal or consignment. We will work with the OEM to add any new equipment to existing co-termed contracts, and credits will appear immediately in the new acquisition support line items.

“ADAPTURE saved our company $3.5 million dollars when they consolidated our maintenance contracts and renegotiated our agreements. We were able to take advantage of a multi-year discount that we never knew about, and our account manager made us her top priority.”

― Vice President of Infrastructure At a Fortune 1000 Financial Services Company

Give Your Strained IT Team Relief

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