Organizations face the challenges of ensuring all mission critical applications deploy quickly and securely and optimizing performance and availability. Unfortunately, many solutions lack a consistent application-centric view across all of your environments. This gap creates more work and additional stress for your already lean IT team.

To succeed, companies need to undergo a digital transformation.

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Gain a Consistent View of Your Network, No Matter Where You’re Deployed

Where you deploy your workload should be a business decision, not a technical restraint.

Your organization no longer relies solely on equipment in an on-premise data center. Whether you’re operating in a hybrid cloud environment, fully cloud-operational, or still in the traditional on-premise data center, you need a network control solution that can follow you where you need it.

Software-defined networking (SDN) offers the flexibility necessary to eliminate application bottlenecks and create a fast and agile solution for your environments. Traditional software-only SDN solutions, however, often provide inconsistent results and policy enforcement across variable applications.

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) combines physical and virtual elements to simplify network operations and management. This approach provides scalable, automated, secure, and open software-defined-networking for organizations seeking digital transformation.

Benefit from Superior and Predictable Network Performance

Cisco ACI provides…

Times Lower Latency
Times Faster Throughput
Times Faster Data Backups

…than the average SDN solution, and it reduces operational overhead by 45%.

The traditional model offers too many control points, creating gaps and vulnerabilities. Cisco ACI offers simplified control over your environments for unified management, quick remediation, collaborative policy-based automation, and faster deployment.

Experience Unmatched Network Control Across Your Environments

Guaranteed Network Availability
Cisco ACI supports your mission-critical applications with zero failover convergence times for uninterrupted application delivery. This means minimal to no outages for your real-time applications, unlike leading software-only SDNs.

Consistent Microsegmentation Across Data Centers
Traditional SDN solutions offer microsegmentation, but often policies that are pushed out are not evenly enforced across different applications. Cisco ACI provides lateral security for your workloads in one visual center, making it easy to manage and monitor all of your policies. Additionally, Cisco has multitenant capabilities, enabling your traffic and policies for each application and user to run anywhere in your infrastructure without risking data leaks.

Better Automation
Cisco ACI automates both your physical and overlay network without requiring additional virtual resources. Other SDNs often only automate one and not the other. This makes your solution 40 times faster than the traditional model and provides you with 80% total network savings.

More Control Also Means More Options with Cisco ACI
In addition to working with cloud and physical infrastructure (even from third-party providers outside of Cisco), Cisco ACI enables open APIs, open sources, open standards, and open ecosystems.

Cisco partners with F5, Citrix, Fortinet, and others to ensure your next network choice is based on the right business decision instead of limitations of pre-existing frameworks.

Think Forward with Adapture and Cisco ACI

The Adapture team of certified Cisco experts can help you deploy and implement Cisco ACI according to your organization’s needs. Additionally, our team will train your IT team on managing your network through the Cisco ACI interface for a seamless transition.

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