With more end users, more applications, and more devices challenging your data center infrastructure, your old networks are struggling to keep up (and keep you secure). Additionally, migrating applications to the cloud requires reliable connectivity. Companies find themselves having to pay even more for faster connections and increased bandwidth to accommodate rising demand.

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Experience Improved, Reactionary Connections with the Right SD-WAN Solution

While running transcontinental fiber from one data center to the next is plausible for some large organizations, it’s extremely expensive. Your traditional network approach has become unsustainable in today’s demanding climate.

You need a more robust, flexible, and economical WAN solution.

According to Gartner’s recent research:

“by 2020, more than 50 percent of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on SD-WAN versus traditional routers.”

[i]Forecast: SD-WAN and Its Impact on Traditional Router and MPLS Services Revenue, Worldwide; Joe Skorupa | Andrew Lerner | Christian Canales, November 7, 2016

This software-defined solution routes traffic by application rather than by network interface, enabling your solution to redefine routes in real-time. Through the use of multiple hybrid links with active-active capability, SD-WAN mitigates and solves upstream latency issues caused by:

  • Traffic Congestion
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss
  • Broken ISP Links

By routing strategically across a spectrum of ISPs, SD-WAN decreases deployment times and increases uptime for your critical applications.

Thinking Forward with Cisco SD-WAN

As more organizations move toward hybrid cloud infrastructures and the amount of IoT devices in the workplace continues to rise, companies need an SD-WAN solution that can keep up. Because of this, balancing the need for connectivity and improving security must remain a priority.

Formerly known as Cisco Viptela, Cisco SD-WAN is one of the most widely deployed enterprise-grade SD-WAN solutions. With rich analytics, benchmarking data across industries, and a strong presence in PCI and HIPAA compliant industry sectors, Cisco SD-WAN provides unmatched digital and cloud transformation with best-in-class security integrated everywhere.

What makes Cisco SD-WAN stand out?

Application Experience

  • Experience predictable SLA on all critical enterprise applications
  • Create application-aware policies with real-time enforcement around network problems
  • Access to multiple hybrid active-active links for all scenarios

Best-in-Class Integrated Security

  • Built with a zero-trust foundation with authentication and encryption
  • Segmentation capabilities to isolate and protect critical assets with cloud, partner networks, and more
  • Additional enterprise firewall, IPS, AMP, DNS-layer enforcement with URL filtering, A/V and SSL description proxy integrated into the SD-WAN solution


  • Cisco SD-WAN enables you to seamlessly extend the WAN to multiple public clouds
  • Experience real-time optimized performance for major SaaS applications like Salesforce and Office365
  • Optimized workflows for AWS and Azure

Operational Simplification

  • Manage everything from the single dashboard vManage for configuration and management of WAN, cloud, and security
  • Utilize template-based, zero-touch provisioning for all of your locations
  • Experience full automation with integration into existing tools

Rich Analytics

  • Gain granular visibility into your applications and infrastructure
  • Enable rapid failure correlation and mitigation
  • Access sophisticated forecasting and analysis for effective resource planning
  • Implement recommendations for policy changes based on traffic patterns

Manage connectivity from across your WAN from a single dashboard and connect to cloud platforms with greater speed, reliability, and efficiency.

Accelerate and Secure Your Digital Transformation with Adapture and Cisco

Cisco SD-WAN grants users increased agility and performance through intuitive, centralized cloud-based insights, automation, and application management tools, and its security is ironclad. Give your networks the traffic architecture needed to accelerate and outpace the competition—cloud and digital transformations wait for no one.

As a top Cisco partner based in the technology heart of Atlanta, Adapture keeps clients on the cutting edge of technology. Gain access to highly adept solutions architects who are certified across Cisco solutions at the highest levels.

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