A robust Privileged Account Management (PAM) implementation can be your strongest defense against a potential data breach.

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Privileged Account Management (PAM) implementation can be your strongest defense against a potential data breach.

80% of data breaches from hacking involve brute force or stolen credentials
— 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Weak and poorly managed credentials can provide threat actors an easy path into critical systems and valuable data, more so if those credentials belong to privileged accounts. That’s why privileged account security is always emphasized in data protection/privacy frameworks and legislations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Securing all privileged accounts in your organization, which includes both human (e.g. local admins, domain admins, and third party accounts) and non-human (i.e. those used by applications, services, systems, IoT devices, APIs, and DevOps pipelines) entities, can’t be done effectively with ordinary tools and manual methods.

To ensure optimal protection, you’ll need a PAM solution like Senhasegura that, at a minimum, includes capabilities for discovering, managing, monitoring, and, ultimately, securing credentials across your company’s entire infrastructure.

Achieve comprehensive privileged account security with Senhasegura

Designed for small and midsize companies looking for quick wins, Senhasegura gives your business the advantages it needs to protect your privileged accounts from external and internal threats right from the get go. It secures practically everything you have that uses privileged accounts, including operating systems, mobile devices, cloud services, virtualization environments, and many others.

With Senhasegura, you can store all your credentials (passwords, SSH keys, digital certificates) in a secure vault and then use a single password to access them when needed. You may also use it to access network resources remotely via SSH or RDP. Senhasegura can record sessions and privileged actions, so you can retrieve them later on for audit or investigation purposes.

Some of Senhasegura’s key features and capabilities include the following:

  • Cloud identity and access management
  • Certificate management
  • Local user provisioning
  • SSH key management
  • DevOps secrets management
  • Endpoint operating system PAM
  • Regulatory and audit compliance
  • Data theft prevention
  • Privileged access recording
  • Secure third party access

More than just a PAM solution

Aside from privileged access management, Senhasegura also offers the following solutions:

Get Senhasegura PAM implementation done right with Adapture

Compared to other PAM solutions, Senhasegura takes pride in its relatively easy learning curve. You can have it up and running in no time. However, to have it running optimally is an entirely different story altogether.

In order for any PAM implementation to be truly effective, you’ll need to take into account all the people, processes, and tools (in this case the PAM solution) involved. All three have to work in concert. A poor implementation will only result in false sense of security, budgetary overshoots, and potential business disruptions due to misconfigurations. Adapture can help you prevent all that.

Backed by decades of experience implementing cyber security solutions and IT infrastructures, Adapture’s team of experts will take a holistic approach to your Senhasegura PAM implementation. Before we even plan for implementation, we’ll meet with your team to fully understand the makeup of your people and processes, and craft a Senhasegura implementation, installation and integration tailored specifically for your organization. We can perform upgrades as well.

If you wish to carry out the implementation process yourself but require expert guidance, we can assist you with that through our Senhasegura consulting services as well.

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