Customer Experience Talent Solutions from ADAPTURE

Delivering a consistently positive customer experience is the key to growing your business. With small nuances setting exceptional service apart from average, finding the right talent for customer service roles is crucial.

According to Gartner 98% of CEOs identified passive candidates as an important hiring source. But how are you reaching these hidden sources of talent?

Deliver Impeccable Client Experiences with the Right Candidates

Let’s face it—the best candidates for your open roles are most likely already employed somewhere else. These aren’t the candidates skimming the job boards. At ADAPTURE, our extensive talent network and modern recruiting methods enable us to effectively reach these passive job seekers who perfectly match your job requirements.

Whether you’re looking for your next…

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Technical Support Representative

  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative

  • Client Representative

  • Customer Experience Manager

  • Client Success Manager

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Director of Client Success

  • Chief Customer Officer

… or another customer experience professional, the ADAPTURE team of Talent Managers can help you find the right fit.

Screen Beyond the Resume

Hiring takes time and investment beyond just screening resumes. Many companies end up interviewing customer service candidates who are strong on paper, but lack communication skills. Working with an outsourced recruiting team saves your hiring managers from sitting through multiple phone interviews to find the candidates with the right experience and skills.

ADAPTURE pre-screens candidates to make sure they have all the skills you need—including the soft skills necessary for excellent customer service. From resumes to phone interviews, the experienced ADAPTURE Talent Managers help you save time by filtering out unqualified candidates.

Think Forward with ADAPTURE Talent Solutions

At ADAPTURE, we strive to create lasting relationships with our top talent. Great candidates know other great candidates, and these ties are part of the broad-reaching network we’ve created to ensure your access to the most qualified candidates available. We know the importance of relationships, and we pre-screen our candidates to make sure they do too. The ADAPTURE team helps you find not only the right fit for the role, but for your company culture as well.

Think Forward with Your Next Hire

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