You’ve seen it in the movies—a burnt-out, overworked employee finally snaps and begins a psychotic rampage through the office. Papers fly, coffee spills, and there might even be some keyboard-to-face contact. Thankfully, the movies tend to exaggerate. But the truth remains—work is stressful for a lot of people.

Stress in IT – Numbers don’t lie

The number of IT professionals who seem to be unhappy as a consequence of stress in the workplace is growing slightly each year. In a recent survey, a few shocking numbers were discovered. With stress in the IT world at an all-time-high, most of the stressed employees fall into the entry- to mid-level range (32%) and senior-level professionals (30%) closely followed suit. In another survey, CIOs were asked about how happy they felt their employees were, and 72% believed that the employees’ satisfaction was high. However, there is a disconnect when 35% of those workers said they were planning to look for a new job within the next year. This is causing IT professionals to reconsider pursuing a further career in an IT-related field. CIOs are cringing at these thoughts. While the majority of IT professionals are on the opposite end of the spectrum—they enjoy their jobs—the growing number of unhappy workers is enough to alarm any IT leader.

One of the challenges in the IT world is finding the right people to staff. With all the new graduates and those looking for a career change, it’s easy enough to fill these job roles. However, that does not guarantee a happy or motivated employee equipped with the necessary skills. For CIOs, finding an employee who is a perfect fit for their position is one of the biggest problems they face. In addition to finding the right skill-set, the employees need to enjoy the environment. It ultimately comes down to the fact that a happy employee is a loyal employee. The right candidate is someone who will gladly do their job and do it well. This is why staffing becomes a huge factor in picking solid candidates.

What we do

“Keeping up with technology” is a large reason why stress for IT professionals occurs. The buildup of stress has caused a great number of employees to lose pride in their work causing them to start initiating job searches elsewhere. ADAPTURE makes all efforts to combat these rising issues with job unhappiness. In many scenarios, a candidate would be great for the position on paper, only to find later that the environment is not the best for he or she to thrive. As a Registered LinkedIn Recruiter, ADAPTURE has the ability to discover information to place a candidate at a company with the best work style and atmosphere for him or her. This is why we are able to boast a 97% retention rate with job placements. When candidates find satisfaction in their work and enjoy the environment, they will find pride in their work and continue to grow and excel. This has a direct effect on combating the alarming workplace unhappiness statistics.

As an employee, you want to take comfort in the fact that you can go into your job daily and not feel stressed or dread the daily grind. As an employer, you want to know that your employees aren’t about to walk out of the door unexpectedly—or worse, freak out Hollywood-style. Ultimately, a candidate’s happiness is what we strive for most.