While the much buzzed-about IBM x86 transition to Lenovo is taking place, IBM’s top competitors are finding a chance to capitalize on the uncertainty current IBM business partners and their customers are facing.

Dell is no stranger to this. Dell sees that there are IBM customers and partners invested in the x86 server business, and they are starting to feel uneasy. This uneasiness gives Dell the chance to rescue those left in the gray areas. Some IBM customers will continue business as usual after the deal closes and finalizes, but a great number of the remaining customers will be looking for other possible outlets to take their business.

Dell has been shifting away from the smaller consumer products and moving into the larger enterprise space. In an effort to woo potential clients and partners, Dell has a campaign called “Don’t Just Transition, Transform with Dell.” This has been a huge driving factor for new business ranging from servers to software and storage services. Dell has been targeting weary IBM customers with this new campaign, and it really does seem to be working. IBM partners, who have chose to remain unknown, have stated they have enjoyed the transition to doing their business with Dell. Because Dell has been heavily promoting themselves to attract IBM customers in transition, Dell’s server business within the channel has been up approximately 30% and is continuously growing as more and more IBM customers make the switch.

Dell has discovered that the challenge current IBM customers are facing is dealing with uncertainty. It’s rare to find a customer completely content with continuing business into the unknown. Even though Lenovo and IBM have assured its current customers and clients that they will be able to maintain and manage all of the current contracts even after the transition, it still isn’t enough to put these customers at ease. There have been some IBM employees leaving the company as well, and this does not prove to be an image of stability to those unsure of where to take their business. Dell has proven to be a viable option and is growing as one of the powerhouses by offering solutions to drive business.

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