In the current job market, companies are trying to maintain or increase productivity while cutting budgets.  This leaves the burden of the workload to fall on the remaining staff. Employees, IT directors, managers, and engineers are forced to take on more projects. With the added stress, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and underpaid.

But instead of getting caught up in the stress, look at the glass half full. Leslie Stevens-Huffman writes on the discussion board, “wait out the bad economy and reposition [your] careers while [the] company “repositions” its workforce.”

Stevens-Huffman’s advice calls for people who find themselves in this position to embrace the fact that you still have a job, take on the extra tasks, view them as a learning opportunity, and then utilize your new experience to get a promotion when the economy turns around.

In your downtime, you can work on obtaining the Top 7 Most Profitable IT Certifications.  Whether you are searching for a new career or are looking to advance your skills as an IT professional, there are several industry qualifications that can make a significant impact on your salary and earning potential.

The storm will be over soon enough. In the meantime, leverage this job market to make yourself more marketable in the future.

Source:, April 13, 2011