Everyone wants to find a workplace they love walking into everyday — one they can brag about to their friends. So what sort of characteristics are notable of such a company? There’s a perfect mixture of great culture and well-balanced work ethic. By adding some other stellar qualities peppered in, it combines to create a great working atmosphere. This recipe for awesome is helpful when searching for companies to fall for.

Think Small

One quality that a lot of people seem to appreciate, especially within a larger company, is a company that operates like a small one. Many times, the larger companies get used to operating like a machine rather than taking into account the various working parts. Smaller companies have more flexibility to accommodate its employees’ needs, and that quality is great to carry over as the company grows.

Stay Healthy

One modern ideal that numerous companies are shifting toward is promoting a healthy lifestyle. This can include promoting a solid work-life balance, having onsite gyms, an endless stock of healthy snacks, and flexible vacation options. Companies with these sort of perks rarely have horror stories about employees abusing these advantages. The healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be limited to exercising or food options either. Many healthy, balanced companies maintain open culture environments, meaning they’re ditching the offices and shifting more toward an open floor plan. This encourages interaction and open communication without the intimidation factor of walking into an office.

Do the Right Thing

Companies that want to do great things hire great people. Continued success also goes back to the notion of the “small business ideal,” where businesses that get big keep operating as if they were small companies and treat each employee like an actual human being. Companies must always operate with proper ethics. Those that stay well-oiled without cutting corners will outlast ones that take the easy way.

Enjoy the Rewards & Love your Workplace

If the company employs and maintains happy employees, that garners the attention of Top Workplace awards and other honorary mentions. When people love their job, this promotes more interest in and awareness of the company culture. Hosting numerous company-sponsored events, offering monthly catered lunches, having an open office layout, and boasting many other perks can land you a spot on a prestigious top workplace list.