Disaster Recovery is often neglected because it doesn’t generate revenue or reduce costs. However, without a strong data recovery solution, your organization may lose thousands of dollars due to data center downtime. To take a more business-centric approach, you’ll need to step outside your comfort zone and demonstrate the value that data recovery brings to the business. Get the facts and read our Data Center Downtime Cost Infographic, which outlines the potential cost and aftermath of data center downtime on your organization.
Data center downtime cost. Calculating the business value of disaster recovery. There are a lot of costs for low productivity. If 100 employees are unable to work due to disaster and 2,800 hours are worked by employees per year with a $65K average salary per employee and $31 per hour compensation, then the cost of an 8-hour downtime during normal business hours would be $24,800. If the total yearly revenue is 10 million dollars, then $26K will be lost in would be hours of operation, and another $4K would be lost due to a loss of annual revenue generated per hour, so $30K total revenue would be lost. $5K would be lost for hardware repairs, and $2K would be lost in employee overtime. This makes the total cost for 8-hours of data center downtime in this study close to $63,000. Think forward. Technology develops and improves faster than most businesses can keep up with. When your competition is taking advantages of the latest in IT hardware and software solutions, you can’t be left behind. Your business needs to adapt quickly to an ever-changing IT landscape – your business needs ADAPTURE. ADAPTURE combines an unmatched level of intellectual capital, technical knowledge, and experience to ensure the design of your architecture is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. ADAPTURE cultivates comprehensive enterprise technology solutions by implementing world-class platforms that scale with both business growth and technological innovation to keep clients at the forefront of emerging business technologies. Whatever your data center project, ADAPTURE will be your expert partner and ensure that every critical decision is backed by the finest technical expertise in the industry.

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