Where does IT rank?

In a CNN study done on the best jobs in America, the IT industry came out on top! Software Developer ranked as the number one job in a fast-growth field followed closely behind with Information Technology Consultant at number seven.  In addition to these positions, five other jobs in the IT industry ranked on the list.

What Kind of Jobs?

Companies looking to capitalize on big data are creating analytical data jobs to help them make more effective decisions. According to Computer World, five new job positions will be created to handle the influx of data: data scientists, data architects, data visualizers, data change agents, and data engineers.

  1. Data Scientists are high level management positions that require exceptional analytical skills and a math/statistical background.
  2. Data Architects are programmers who can handle messy data and are creative enough to look at the data in new ways.
  3. Data Visualizers are techies who can translate data to make business sense.
  4. Data Change Agents are the drivers behind change. Change Agents have a six sigma background and will change internal operations based on the data.
  5. Data Engineers are the designers and managers who build infrastructures that will help businesses to analyze and supply data in the most efficient manner.

Big data is set to shape the future of the IT industry. Businesses will develop new data analysis positions to give their company the competitive edge and to make lucrative business decisions in the future.

How are the best jobs in America ranked?

These jobs were ranked on the competitive salaries they offer and the future growth prospects. This confirms that not only does it pay to find a career in the IT industry, but the IT job opportunities within the field are growing. Visit the CNN money column to view the full ranking.