Attending an interview can be a difficult process. Potential employers will often ask deceptive questions to save time or try to figure out what type of employee you really are. This month, we cover some tricky interview questions and how best to answer each.

Practice Tricky Interview Questions and Solutions

  • Question: “If you are currently employed, how do you manage the time needed to go on interviews?”
  • What they really mean: Are you short-changing your current employer?
  • Best Answer: “I am taking personal time and only interview for positions that I feel are a terrific match for me.”
  • Question: “Do you know anyone else who works for this company?”
  • What they really mean: Who can we ask about you who may be a good judge of your true character?
  • Best Answer: In this situation, if you do know someone who works there, you should only mention them by name if you are certain of their positive rapport with the company.
  • Question: “What irks you most about coworkers and/or bosses?”
  • What they really mean: Are you a difficult person to work with?
  • Best Answer: “I have been very fortunate to have great bosses who were knowledgeable and treated employees with the respect they deserved. I have also been lucky to have coworkers who were supportive and kind.”
  • Question: “Can you describe a situation in the past where you solved a work or school problem?”
  • What they really mean: Are you able to think critically?
  • Best Answer: Highlight a situation that reflects favorably on how your mind works and spotlights your skills and achievements. For example, how you solved a time management issue in order to take on an additional assignment.