Part 5: How Candidates Leave Lasting Impressions During Interviews and More Hilarious Interview Moments

This is the final set of our Off-the-Wall Interview Stories from our Recruiters to conclude the series. For this blog, we asked our recruiters if a candidate has ever left them with lasting impressions during interviews and/or if they have ever received souvenirs, gifts or presents after an interview. Sometimes little gestures go a long way and the classic follow-up is considered a gift.

Secondly, we reached out to our recruiters with a more comical question and asked them about their hilarious interview memories. Use these scenarios as a guide for what NOT to do in your next interview!

Have you ever had a job candidate give you a souvenir, gift or present to leave a lasting impression? If so, what was it?

  • I never really had a candidate give a gift after an interview, but I have had some creepy stalkers ask me out and also send Facebook friend requests.
  • Yes, my favorite gift that I ever received from a job candidate was a handwritten card thanking me for helping him find the job.
  • I was once given a pen in an interview. It wasn’t a Monte Blanc by any means but it wasn’t your everyday Bic pen either.
  • I have not received any gifts, but someone who really leaves a lasting impression is the candidate who follows up regularly about opportunities. It shows that they are truly interested in the company and it’s surprising how few people do this.

What was your most hilarious interview moment?

  • My favorite interview moment was when a candidate’s phone went off in the middle of our interview! He answered his phone and held a five-minute conversation with his son. The interview was over soon after he ended the phone call.
  • I had a candidate interview for a job under a different name after he has previously interviewed for the same job with the same manager! The manager remembered him and immediately ended the interview.
  • When I was interviewing for a job 16 years ago, I was late for the appointment because I got lost along the way. Once I finally arrived, I was able to laugh at myself and make the interviewer laugh as well. I got the job!

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