In this post: Read about the newly formed FireEye and F5 partnership and its impact on defense against evolving cyberthreats. 

Cybersecurity firm FireEye and application delivery provider F5 recently announced a partnership aimed at defending against evolving cyberthreats targeting companies around the world.

Enterprises today are faced with the challenges of supporting cloud-based applications and mobile environments, while at the same time maintaining network reliability, security and speed. To address this problem, the FireEye and F5 partnership will provide organizations with comprehensive security solutions that integrate application delivery infrastructure from F5 and advanced threat protection from FireEye Network Security.

“The cybersecurity problem is multi-faceted, and requires a solution that includes technology from industry-leading security manufacturers like FireEye and F5, tightly coupled with people and process in a holistic approach,” says Todd Weber, vice president of partner research for Optiv. “We are pleased to see two of our trusted partners closely collaborating, and we look forward to working with them to help our clients better secure applications and networks in this mobile and cloud world.”

Merging App Delivery with Threat Protection

The Fireye and F5 partnership will feature the integration of key application delivery technologies with advanced threat management platforms to accelerate application deployment, performance and security.

When it comes to security, enterprises will utilize a comprehensive security solution that combines application delivery infrastructure with advanced content security, including network segmentation and policy management, protocol conformance, DDoS mitigation, SSL inspection, advanced threat protection, intrusion prevention, threat intelligence, forensics and analytics.

In addition, the partnership will provide organizations an integrated security architecture that drives advanced content security by enabling improved visibility into the growing stream of encrypted traffic.

Enterprises today require a holistic security approach, says John Olstik, senior principal analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. “The FireEye and F5 partnership brings an important capability for security teams — the combination of detection an enforcement for data centers and applications.”

The FireEye/F5 agreement also includes a unified approach to worldwide sales, deployment and support, thereby helping to ensure the best possible end-to-end experience for customers.

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