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FireEye and F5 Partnership Takes Aim at Evolving Cyberthreats

In this post: Read about the newly formed FireEye and F5 partnership and its impact on defense against evolving cyberthreats.  Cybersecurity firm FireEye and application delivery provider F5 recently announced a partnership aimed at defending against evolving cyberthreats targeting companies around the world. Enterprises today are faced with the challenges of supporting cloud-based applications and mobile environments, while [...]

2015-11-25T14:48:59-05:00November 25th, 2015|Cybersecurity, Security|
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CFOs, CIOs Teaming Up to Combat Cyberthreats

Why CFOs and CIOs Should Work Together Global advisory services firm Ernst & Young recently issued a report on the growing collaboration between chief financial officers and chief information officers when it comes to handling cyberthreats. According to the report, titled “Partnering for Performance,” 66 percent of CFOs make cybersecurity a high or very high priority; and 35 [...]

2015-08-27T13:25:13-04:00August 27th, 2015|Cybersecurity, Security|