Q: Why are McAfee’s email security solutions entering EOL?
A: Intel-McAfee plans on increasing investments in other critical areas requiring exiting other product areas such as McAfee Web and Email Security Solutions.

Q: What are the SKUs that are involved in this EOL?
A: EFC SaaS Email Inbound Filtering & Continuity – Appliance Option
ELP Email Protection; (Software bundle – subscription)
ESG Email Security Gateway Edition Software; (Software – perpetual)
EG-5500-D, EG- 4500-C Email Appliance Hardware; (Appliance)
Content Security Blade Server hardware
MGMT-E, BLDE-E Email Security Management and Scanning Blade
MGMT-E, BLDE-E Content Security Blade Server hardware; (Appliance)
EPC SaaS Email Protection & Continuity
EIF SaaS Email Inbound Filtering
SEE SaaS Email Encryption
EA1 SaaS Email Archiving, 1-Year Retention
ERM SaaS Email Archiving, Multi-Year Retention
EAS SaaS Email Archiving Historical Data Storage 25GB
ES1 SaaS Email Security and Archiving Suite, 1-Year Retention
ESM SaaS Email Security & Archiving, Multi-Year Retention
SWR SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite
SW1 SaaS Web and Email Security with Archiving, 1-year Retention
SWM SaaS Web and Email Security with Archiving, Multi-Year Retention
WEG Web and Email Gateway Suite; (Software- perpetual)
WES Web and Email Protection Suite; (Software bundle – subscription)
TSA SaaS Endpoint and Email Protection Suite
TSI Endpoint Protection Advanced for SMB
STP SaaS Total Protection

Q: What should I do with my McAfee email security solution?
A: To help transition you to another market leading solution please contact your Adapture Account Manager.

Q: What are the key milestone dates?
A: The End of Sale was announced on October 22, 2015.

Q: Will I be able to add hardware to my existing deployment?
A: No, new hardware for gateway customers will not be available past the End of Sale date

Q: Will there be building of new features for McAfee email security solutions once the end-of-sale and transition is announced?
A: No. New features and enhancement requests (PERs) will no longer be developed.

Q: What happens if I am using the SaaS Email Archiving service?
A: Emails will continue to be ingested and archived for subscribers through the service expiration, after which no new messages will be ingested. Upon the extraction deadline, the Service will automatically and permanently remove expired email messages from the archive, including historical data and legal holds.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?
A: Please reach out to your Adapture Security Account Manager if you have additional questions.
Get up to speed on your company’s security options and contact ADAPTURE today! We are offering a Free Migration and Consultation so that your organization will be prepared during McAfee’s End-of-Life process.