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Stop Automated Fraud with F5 Shape

Companies are dealing with fraud at an unprecedented rate. As digital transactions continue to increase, customers’ personal identifiable information is becoming more accessible than ever. Companies must improve their defenses against automated fraud to prevent reputational damage and fraud loss. What is Automated Fraud? Automated fraud happens when cybercriminals use bots to attack a person or organization [...]

2023-01-25T14:48:56-05:00February 1st, 2023|Cybersecurity|
  • Three Ways to Bridge the F5 Talent Gap

Three Ways to Bridge the F5 Talent Gap

There’s a technology talent gap, and IT teams are feeling the strain. And for top technology solutions like F5 with already small talent pools available, bridging that cap is next to impossible. This F5 talent gap leaves companies without the necessary expertise to run their crucial cybersecurity solutions. F5 solutions are extremely robust, but that means the talent [...]

2019-12-30T09:13:18-05:00December 30th, 2019|For Hiring Managers, Security, Talent|
  • 2019 F5 ASM Training in Atlanta

ADAPTURE to Host 2019 F5 ASM Training in Atlanta

February 15th, 2019 – ADAPTURE announced it will host a 2019 F5 Application Security Manager (ASM) Training in Atlanta, GA, from March 4th to March 7th, 2019. ADAPTURE, alongside F5 and RemoteAdmin, is offering the F5 ASM Training in Atlanta for security and network administrators responsible for the installation, deployment, tuning, and day-to-day maintenance of the F5 Application [...]