Spring Recruiting Season

As the seasons begin to change, the weather grows warmer, and the yellow blanket of pollen covers everything we see, we all begin to embrace the joys of Spring. Spring represents the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts. We all know the idiom “April showers bring May flowers” from playful nursery rhymes we were told as kids. The same concept could be applied to how companies approach new prospects. Companies need to realize that a great candidate doesn’t appear out of thin air. Rather, its through a logical calculation of nurturing and knowing the ideal timing to make an offer during recruiting season.

Companies go through cycles of hiring periods, and the second quarter is when these companies rev up for summer and reach hiring peaks. It’s not just the companies gearing up to hire more; there’s also an influx of candidates filling the job pool knowing that businesses start there recruiting season more aggressively. This is where recruiters and companies can take a lesson or two from the limerick above. Abundance does not guarantee quality, so even though there’s more to choose from, you’ll want to make sure you’re nurturing the right candidates.

Don’t be too attentive

To ensure you’re getting great hires, don’t be quick to pull the trigger. Good things take work, great things take work and time. If you’re expecting to hire and keep a great candidate, you’ll have to put in the work and time to guarantee you’re getting the best. Nurturing good relationships with prospects sets you up for better success in the future, especially if they accept a job offer to your company. You’ll want to find the right balance in the early prospecting stages for those on the fence about a career shift. Being overly attentive can be as equal a turn-off as non-existence.

Once you’ve shown the right amount of attentiveness, the rest is up to the candidate. If all the right actions are taken to nurture the candidate into expressing interest in your organization, a great candidate will blossom into a role at your company. Here at ADAPTURE, we are always finding and placing great talent—it’s what we do! So if you’re looking to hire an all-star candidate, contact one of our many skilled recruiters today. We’re here to ensure your April showers turn into awesome May flowers (employees). Stay tuned for next month’s blog featuring insights on keeping quality employees happy.