FireEye leader Kevin Mandia speaks about FireEye’s involvement in the Sony cyber-attack response

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Those of us working in technology have always understood the dangerous consequences of poor security around your network and infrastructure—where sensitive data typically resides. But with companies being hacked seemingly every day now, cybersecurity is now part of the mainstream conversation. Spending on cybersecurity insurance has soared to new heights, and consumers are more informed than ever about just how much information is out there for hackers to steal. It’s a scary new world for a lot of people.

One of the biggest security stories of the past year was the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures Worldwide. The attack took down more than 3,000 computers and 800 servers and resulted in the release of thousands of embarrassing emails and sensitive records. North Korea carried out the attack in retaliation against the release of “The Interview,” a satirical film about the fictional assassination of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea.

ADAPTURE is a proud partner of FireEye—a world-class malware protection and cybersecurity company led by Kevin Mandia, one of the best-known cybersecurity experts in the United States. Mandia was approached by Sony when the hack took place, but by the time FireEye arrived at the scene of the crisis, the damage had been done.

“For lack of a better analogy, the wiping is the grand finale,” Mandia explained in an recent interview that aired as part of a 60 Minutes story about the Sony attack. “That’s the infamous ‘we ran into the house, we took what we wanted, and then we left the detonation charge behind us.’ And then the detonation charge goes off, and you’re not going back into the house anymore.”

Mandia also explained just how much damage can be done when a company is forced to disconnect, as Sony was immediately following the attack. Many everyday tasks that are typically taken for granted are unable to be accomplished without a connection to the internet. Mandia gives examples like inoperable security gates, delayed payroll, and employees left without access to their benefits.

When FireEye examined the details of the attack, they observed a signature similar to one they had seen before, and one they had saved amongst 500 million other malware signatures included in its anti-malware technology. The signature was nearly identical to the one used in an attack against South Korea—one that had been attributed to North Korea. FireEye’s technology and expertise was instrumental in confidently pinpointing the source of the Sony attack on North Korea.

This wasn’t the first time Mandia and FireEye had been featured on the long-running CBS news program. FireEye technology was also featured in a segment titled, “What Happens When You Swipe Your Card?”

ADAPTURE and FireEye work together every day to bring our customers the most advanced security solutions available. It’s a new age of cybersecurity—make sure your network is protected by the best. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our FireEye-backed cybersecurity experts. Check out the 60 Minutes piece below.