In our most recent blog, we discussed Off-the-Wall Interview Stories with our recruiters. Now, we are going to switch seats and examine interview scenarios from the candidates’ perspective in order to determine how companies sell themselves to candidates.

How does a company present itself to job candidates? What can a company do to entice individuals throughout the hiring process? What makes a company appeal to the interviewee? And finally, how do companies sell themselves to candidates?

To further assist you during your next hiring process, let’s explore 7 ways companies can sell themselves to candidates.

Provide a precise job description.

Indicate the specific roles and responsibilities of the position available. This will help attract suitable candidates as the job seekers will also understand the company’s expectations.

Stick to the schedule.

Do not cancel interviews at the last minute without a sincere apology and new proposed time. Respect the candidate’s time and be prepared for the interview.

Stick to the subject.

During an interview, it is acceptable to discuss personal lives, but do not forget to complete the meeting’s purpose. In addition, do not intimidate the interviewee with vague questions as this may hinder their opinion of the company and role.

Be willing to discuss the salary upfront.

Refusing to converse about what the position pays will push potential candidates away immediately.

Be honest about the hiring process and position.

Let the candidate know who they will be working and what their schedule will be like (including expected overtime). Also, let them know when they should expect to hear from you.

Describe the company culture.

Make them feel welcome and want to become a member of your team. Prove to them that your company is where they belong.

Sell the company.

Explain the benefits and amenities available. Also, be forthcoming on any company perks. This will make the candidate excited to continue pursuing the opportunity.

Here at ADAPTURE, we are always finding and placing great talent—it’s what we do!

“To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.”
— John Dewey