Resume after resume, interview after interview, followed by background check after background check, you finally found the perfect candidate to fill your job opening. As we all know, the employment process is a long journey, but do not hesitate too long or you might lose the candidate to other recruiters. Below are several guidelines and practices to ensure that you hire your ideal candidate by making the best job offer.

Start your engines. Go full speed ahead.

If you finally found the ideal candidate, don’t hesitate to contact them! Reach out immediately, schedule the final interview and provide an offer. You want the candidate to know how excited you are to hire them so don’t make them wait. Schedule the final interview in less than two days from the time you make your decision. This will also make the candidate feel more at ease and relaxed while going forward with the hiring process.

Pick up the phone.

With today’s technology, everyone is accustomed to receiving emails, texts, and the occasional letters in the mail. Instead, when you are ready to extend an employment opportunity, be courteous and pick up the phone. The candidate will be thrilled to hear from you and will hopefully accept your offer.

Show your eagerness.

Not only are you eager to call the candidate once you make your final decision, but express how thrilled and excited you are to have them be a part of your team. Praise the candidate because you want to, not because you have to. It will make them feel special and appreciated, adding core value to your company.

Highlight the benefits.

Be sure to sell yourself to the candidate by discussing compensation and benefits upfront and on point. Every candidate has a different situation so keep an open mind and be prepared to make accommodations if necessary. Also, be prepared to answer any questions they might have. In the end, provide a detailed description on paper for legitimate purposes and future reference. This will show the candidate that you are prepared for action.  Additionally, remember that it’s not all about the salary and be prepared to answer any nonfinancial questions as well that the candidate may have.

Rule of thumb: Prepare to offer 10% more.

If the candidate is going through a career change or advancement, it is common to offer 10% more than their current or previous compensation according to the unwritten 10 percent rule. Do not be frugal with the candidate as their skills and experience are exactly what your company needs. The additional 10% offering will make the candidate feel more confident in their career decision.

Be understanding.

Depending upon the candidate’s situation, they may have to transition from their previous job after notifying their employer. Career change can be difficult for an individual so be open to their feelings.

Making the best job offer

The next time you find the perfect candidate for a job opening, follow these six guidelines for making the best job offer so that you don’t let them slip away. More than likely, you are not the only hiring manager out there who has set their eyes on that candidate, so be prepared to face your competition.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser