Writing a Job Posting to Attract Top Talent

With so many companies currently seeking top talent, job seekers are now in the driver’s seat. They have the opportunity to approach their search with a higher level of scrutiny–seeking specific aspects of the job they want. So how do you make your job listing stand out from the rest? How do you attract the best talent in the industry? Today we’ve got some tips for how to pen a job description that will snag the best and brightest job seekers out there.

Capture the Culture

Many employees choose a company based on extra incentives: they’re looking for flexible hours, snacks, and a dog-friendly office and may weigh these perks more heavily than the salary. Your job description should match the tone and voice of your brand. Certain positions require more serious job listings, but many could sound fun and demonstrate the team’s personality and dynamics.

A company summary at the end of the job description typically states the mission, philosophy, and values explicitly. Then, the rest of the listing can convey those components with the tone of writing.

Focus on Accuracy

Some companies try to make some jobs sound more multi-faceted than they are. While you want your candidate to get excited about the opportunity, you risk losing them quickly due to a lack of transparency if your post is not true to life. Other job postings are too vague, focusing on personality traits instead of the role. While it’s true that you can teach the right person any task, an accurate job description could bring in the right person, not only with a great personality but also the experience required.

Describe day-to-day responsibilities accurately, along with any tools the team uses often. Then, you can find a candidate who matches the job requirements and already knows how to use the necessary tools and technologies.

Show Where They Fit

Another essential element of the job description is showing where the employee fits in the company. For example, list their position in the hierarchy (who they report to directly) and their role in the process. These details help them understand the value this position provides to the team as a whole and envision their future if they remain with the company and move up the ladder.

Market Your Company to Future Employees

Yes, the primary goal of your marketing is to attract new customers or clients, but don’t dismiss the importance of selling your brand to potential hires as well. Show photos or videos of happy employees at team events. Have one employee “take over” the company Instagram for a Day in the Life segment, and tell your network about any hiring opportunities. The best employees are already fans of your brand! They might be following you online already.

Gather Testimonials from Current Employees

As you build out a marketing strategy to gain employees, ask your current employees for testimonials. You could record these as videos to include on the Careers page of your website or ask the current team to record a video job listing, so potential hires know who they’re talking to before the interview.

You can also ask current employees how they would describe the open position and how it fits into the team. Or ask them what they love about the company and its culture. Again, these phrases can be used directly in the job description!

Ask an Agency

Still not sure where to start? An agency knows what candidates look for in a job description and can provide great feedback for your job listing. They can ask the right questions to describe the listing and write the tasks in an easy-to-understand way. An agency already has a wide network of candidates ready to fill the role so that they can send you the best fit for your role. Connect with us today to get started.