Being a boss can be hard work. You’re running a business. You have an entire team of people who look up to you to, not only lead them, but make sure they are taken care of. On top of all that, you’re trying to maintain your likability. Sounds exhausting. It is your job as an employer to provide the necessary tangible benefits—insurance, PTO, etc.—to ensure a happier staff at work and at home. However, benefits you offer don’t always have to be monetary. Some benefits employees (and potential employees) find important won’t cost you a dime! Crazy, you say? Here are three steps you can take to make a happier staff.

Recognize and commend your team’s achievements:

At my previous job, my co-worker’s biggest complaint was that the managers had no problem telling us when we were doing things wrong, but when things were running smoothly and we were doing things right, it was seemingly ignored. Yes, our managers may have noticed the staff members go out of their ways to help each other and their customers, but unless you as an employer are willing to verbally recognize when your staff members are doing well, they will be unmotivated to continue. I’m not saying that you should baby your employees or give them a pat on the back every day for simply doing their jobs. However, a little acknowledgement every so often lets your team know that you appreciate their hard work.

Don’t Micromanage:

When you were a teenager, didn’t you hate when you parents would nag you about your homework, your curfew, or keeping your room clean? You were a grown up and could take care of yourself! (That’s what we all thought at that age, anyway…) That feeling of wanting to be independent never goes away, especially when you’re actually an adult. Let your employees take care of themselves and their work without nit-picking. You hired them because you thought they were smart and capable individuals. Let them show you they are.

Be Flexible:

A recent international SuccessFactors survey among HR managers and professionals proved that, out of the employers surveyed, 73% cited flexible working hours as the most popular non-financial reward. If a staff member has been dedicated to your business for a long time and happens to catch the flu, don’t punish him or her by tapping into your employee’s limited vacation days. Tell him or her to stay home. Your employee’s family members will thank you when their annual Christmas trip doesn’t have to be cut short. Even the ability to work remotely can remedy an employee’s need for flexibility. Sometimes emergencies happen that we can’t help, so the comfort of a flexible schedule can alleviate an already stressful situation.

These days, people are taking their happiness much more seriously than years ago. It’s not about simply having a job, but having a job you love. Offering benefits like these will help increase your team’s satisfaction, attract top talent to your company, and ensure your company is a great place to work.