Penetration Testing as a Service

As APTs evolve and zero-day attacks put millions of sensitive digital records at risk, it’s more important than ever for IT leaders to consider the potential ramifications of a cyberattack.

Many businesses are opting to fight fire with fire by hiring white hat hackers and security experts to literally hack their systems and expose network vulnerabilities.

The Two-Year Rule: A Best Practices Approach to Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing provides critical insight into the inner workings of your organization’s people, processes, and technology as it relates to information security. To maintain the credibility of the process and fidelity of the tests, it is considered a best practice to rotate penetration testing vendors every two years. Rotating providers offers a fresh assessment of your organization’s controls and processes, reducing the tendency toward “box checking” and complacency.

By proactively managing the rotation of penetration testing providers, ADAPTURE ensures all clients receive top-tier threat insight without wasting valuable time vetting dozens of vendors every two years.

Managed Scheduling

Never think about the timing of your next penetration test again. The team at ADAPTURE will initialize a testing frequency that makes sense for your business. We ensure all tests are carried out according to schedule.

Vetted, Proven Vendors

ADAPTURE has carefully vetted an exclusive group of best-of-breed penetration testing providers. These vendors have been thoroughly evaluated to ensure quality in execution and reporting output.

Consistent Reporting

Regardless of which best-of-breed vendor is conducting your penetration test, an ADAPTURE security consultant will present the findings in our detailed format. This ensures consistency in delivery for your team, and you can expect to rely on our reporting and communication.

Cyberattacks Continue to Grow in Sophistication and Frequency−Is Your Company Secure?

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